How to Find Water in the Wilderness
How to Find Water in the Wilderness

How to Find Water in the Wilderness

How to Find Water in the Wilderness: When you are out to explore the wild on an extend trip, you need to be really well-prepare, especially to face an emergency situation that leaves you lost or stranded. While it is possible to go without food for quite a few days, the lack of adequate hydration is sure to kill you very quickly. Some tips on finding water in the wild and making it fit to drink.

Typical Sources of Water

If it is raining, then the best way of collecting drinking water is by using a simple sheet of plastic, otherwise, you need to find a stream, river or a lake. Observing the way animals go can lead you to a water body. If all you have is slushy ground or a stagnant pool, a gypsy well may well be the answer. Dig a large hole that can hold the water that will seep into it. Lining the bottom and the sides with pebbles will prevent the water from being fouled by sediment. Purifying the water before drinking is mandatory. so let’s know all about the How to Find Water in the Wilderness.

Alternatively, tie a plastic bag around a large leaf during the day and by evening the transpired water will have collected. In the morning, before sunrise, you can soak up the dew on the vegetation with a clean cloth. Fruits and tree sap can also keep you hydrated but you should be able to avoid the poisonous ones. The guides available at all reputed Tadoba hotels will generally be glad to point out the fruits to avoid.

Making the Water Safe to Drink

How to Find Water in the Wilderness
How to Find Water in the Wilderness

Even though the water collected from a stagnant source may look clean, it is quite likely to be unfit for drinking. The best way of making it safe is to boil it for ten minutes; however, if that is not possible then leave the container with the water in bright sunlight for a few hours. Carrying water purification tablets, hydrogen peroxide, and portable water filters for such situations can be a life-saver. At a pinch, you can build your own water filter by using a plastic container.

Add a layer of activated charcoal at the bottom, on top include a layer of fine sand and cover that with a layer of coarse sand or gravel; the water percolating through these levels should be okay to drink after you expose it to direct sunlight for around six hours. Alternatively, you can make an improvised water distillation plant with a small container that can fit inside a large container, a sheet of plastic, a length of cord, and a rock. The water in the large container evaporates and the vapor condenses into the smaller container after it strikes the underneath of the plastic sheet. here are the effective ways for How to Find Water in the Wilderness.


Perhaps the single most important factor in surviving the wilderness is your ability to locate water and make it drinkable. Even though the task can seem overwhelming when you are stranded without even the basic tools. By using your wits and keeping calm, you will be able to devise a way of locating. And collecting water and making it potable.

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