A Complete Guide to PMP Certification careinfo.in
A Complete Guide to PMP Certification careinfo.in

A Complete Guide to PMP Certification

A Complete Guide to PMP Certification: Any professional course that demand hard work, dedication and rigorous training often help you land in the best career in your desired area. PMP certification, abbreviated as Project Management Professional Certification is one such course which provides you the competitive edge against millions of IT professionals around the globe.

For many, acquiring a PMP certificate may sound very complex which is why this comprehensive and essential guide to the course has been put together. Everything right from course requirements, preparation materials and steps to successfully complete it can be understood here.

What is a PMP Certification?

Complete Guide to PMP Certification: As previously mentioned, PMP stands for Project Management Professional. When an individual acquires PMP certification, they are consider to be well-train and capable of handling even the most demanding projects efficiently. It certifies that the person has the necessary skills to be a leader and lead an entire team towards collective goals.

The certification is offered by a company Project Management Institute (PMI). The advantages of being a trained and certified PMP professional are many. Being a globally recognized certificate, it allows you to work anywhere in the world. And there’s always a constant demand for project managers.

Most companies would prefer a person with PMP certification when compared with others, thus giving you the winning edge in interviews and get better salary package. The time and hard work you put into studying the subjects to acquire the certificate is duly rewarded in the end, with great long-term benefits.

What are the requirements for PMP certification?

Complete Guide to PMP Certification: Based on your years of experience, age and type of education completed, the PMP certification eligibility will vary. While it may look bit complex at first, your resume may probably meet these prerequisites already.

Individuals with a four-year degree at a reputed institution should complete 35 hours of project management education and 4,500 hours as project leader/ director to acquire the certificate. Those who have complete high school diploma with associate degrees or any course which is globally recognize should attend 35 hours of project management studies combine with 7,500 hours as a project leader.

How to take the PMP certification exam?

A Complete Guide to PMP Certification careinfo.in
A Complete Guide to PMP Certification careinfo.in

PMP training is essential before attempting the PMP certification exam to qualify at the first try. Once it is confirm that you meet the minimum requirements to take the test, the next step is to fill up the application form, make the payment and schedule the test date.

PMP exam is a computer base test which is much easier to take with prior planning. Unlike other exams, the test can take only when the PMI approves your application which takes about 5-10 days for review.

The test duration is about 4 hours and it will have 200 questions in total. The test authorities want to test the skill set of the test taker which is why only 175 are real questions while others are samples that are not score. The samples are more like a warm up session which you can answer to get a hang of the exam before attempting the questions that are score.

How much does PMP certification cost?

Complete Guide to PMP Certification: The PMP certification cost varies for members and non-members. If you are already sign up as a member of institute by paying the annual subscription fee, the organizers offer access to free study materials and the waive off test fee is $405. Non-members should pay $555 to take part in the test.

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Where can I find free PMP certification study guides?

Finding free PMP certification study guides is a difficult task. But there are reliable sources on the internet who offer access to guides and study materials for free. Complete Guide to PMP Certification is all about knowing these important things that can save time and money.

The free study materials provided for PMI members include the essential Project Management Body of Knowledge, PMBOK guide. The guide not only provides an in-depth perspective of all the guidelines to reach by a project manager. But also has a huge collection of terminology used in project management. The essential book plays an integral role and so do many other similar guides available online.

In most scenarios, high value, certified education centers also provide online training, free study guides, tutoring solutions and more under one roof. You can consider checking those out besides free YouTube videos and affordable study materials sold by online retailers.

When buying study materials, these are the domains you have to focus on. The test explores your knowledge in areas including project initiation, planning, execution and leading the team.

The final scores allottes for closing a project successfully. While delivering what clients expect. With so many hours in a professional environment, most may know the practical aspect of being a project manager. Which when efficiently conveyed through the test papers helps acquire the certification.

How to prepare for the PMP certification exam?

A Complete Guide to PMP Certification careinfo.in
A Complete Guide to PMP Certification careinfo.in

Complete Guide to PMP Certification is all about knowing these important things. Before setting off to take the PMP certification test, it is advisable to thoroughly check the eligibility criteria first. Being a professional is just the beginning. Because PMI manually reviews each and every application before they allow you to request an exam slot.

A successful project manager’s application may reject if they don’t have enough hours. Instead of investing in buying study guides and preparing, check your criteria. And make sure you are eligible to take up the test with valid documents. After the credentials are verified, it is important to pick a suitable date and location to take up the test.

Being a demanding test which is four hours long with 175 questions to attempt. You should invest considerable amount of time. Professionals are often busy but this is the time to take a break off your hectic schedule to study. Because a PMP certification has the potential to change your career to a whole new level.

With a determined attitude, the right study guides and numerous practice tests. It is possible to pass even the hardest of tests like PMP by PMI. A certified Project Manager certification expands your job role, visibility and salary in different avenues leading to better recognition.

Complete Guide to PMP Certification is all about knowing these important things. Thank you for visiting careinfo.in. Also visit us on Facebook and Twitter for latest updates.