Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Affiliate Program
Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Affiliate Program

Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is simply one of the biggest platforms that you come across in matters of buying, selling or purchasing. Not only in a particular country or state, but all across the globe, Amazon has made its mark. Therefore it also ensures you the best of your sales and profit too, if you are deciding to be a blogger and also sell your products online. You must choose Amazon as it pays you the 15% of the total sales which can help you to make big money depending on the sales you choose to make. Therefore here we are informing you about the Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Affiliate Program i.e. how to affiliate your business with Amazon.

Amazon is easily one of the best large monetise site that can really help you to expand your program and receive big bucks. That in fact is true, if you are a gadget or a mobile blogger. You can easily give 15 minutes of your time to it and add a good description about the phone and include an Amazon affiliate link to it. Once you find the best mobile deal, you can easily add for yourself some extra income.

But the question is how to sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program?

The first thing to keep in mind with the Amazon Affiliate Program is to keep in mind the geographical location of your target market. For example, if you are going to have target audience as the people in U.S., than you should definitely signup for Amazon U.S. Associate Program using the link. In the similar ways if your target audience is in India, than you should then sign up for Amazon India Program.

However if you are not targeting a particular audience, but want to promote your link everywhere, than you should sign up for all the Amazon Affiliate Programs and even those in the countries like Japan (.jp) or Australia (.au) and so on.

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Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Affiliate Program
Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Affiliate Program

For the answer to this question, it is presume that you would have already logged in. To your preferred Amazon associate program, depending on your choice of audience.

After you have done this, you can then start getting links, banners and widgets for your site.

  1. If you are wishing to promote the gadgets and mobile phones. You can create a blogger page with the name “Recommended Gadgets”.
  2. Or if you have a music blog or a movie related page. You can add a widget at the sidebar of your blog along with the affiliate links of the movie’s DVD’s.

Thus if you follow all these above given information to its best use. Than you can easily achieve big dreams and thus be able to monetize your site. All you need to do is to affiliate your blog pages with the Amazon affiliation program. And easily earn source of income.

To become an affiliate for Amazon, sign up using this link: <Sign up for Amazon>

The profit that people get through their Amazon Affiliation Program. It can help the readers to know more about the product. And thus make it good for those who are actually selling the product. This is the best way to ensure the traffic at your blog pages and also associating with Amazon Affiliate Program and also get you some profit.

If you have any questions regarding this subject, or you are having any trouble signing up. For the Amazon Affiliation Program, you can visit us in the comments section below. Please feel free to share your experience that you had with the Amazon Affiliate Program.

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