Trending Short Haircuts

Latest Trending Short Haircuts and Hairstyles

It is almost okay to say that we have already welcomed summer 2017 with a bang! Whether it is India or USA there are some widespread notions about the haircuts and hairstyles which are trending right now. And when I say trending, I mean tremendously trending. The reason is mostly the celebrity influence. The influence nowadays, helps us to change and also recreate some of the best looks. Because what other way to beat the summer heat than creating a stylist heat wave with your hair. Keep reading this article on Latest Trending Short Haircuts and Hairstyles, if you are just as curious to know about some of the most trending haircuts and hairstyles.

Trending Short Haircuts for Women:

The Long Bob

Trending Short Haircuts

Just FYI mostly all the mentioned hairstyles are has something to do with chopped hair, as that itself is the new trend. This haircut is trending so immensely that even butt-length hair is cut into the Long-Bob hair trend. In this haircut, the layer of hair which frames your face is not the regular size or regular bob. Instead the hair is at a longer length which comes almost at your shoulder. Traditionally, the bob haircut was signified as the ear or neck ending hairstyle. But this time, it has been successfully reinvented. Even the celebrities such as, Jennifer Aniston as well as Selena Gomez are confidently sporting it nowadays.

Trending Short Haircuts

This is one of the oldest yet one of the most trending short haircuts of today’s generation. It gives a much more sophisticated look and you don’t have to worry about the styling or protecting. Lesser the hair, the more manageable it becomes. But you should keep in mind regular trimming as the Long Bob comes close to your face and no one likes to see your split-needs.So,try this one of very latest and trending Haircuts and Hairstyles.

The Layered Bob

Trending Short Haircuts

This is the most trending short haircuts style for the moms as well as for the teens. This style is casual yet chic modern. In this hairstyle, the front layer of hair which frames the face is longer than the hair at the nape of your neck. The trendiest style that compliments this style is the bangs. The bangs will frame your face and will provide a much visible contour. The bangs are not always necessary because the front long layer itself can have a nice rich highlight color and you are all set to turn the heads.

Trending Short Haircuts

This style is being sported by not only Hollywood actresses but even by our own Bollywood divas. Sonakshi Sinha, Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu have been sporting this haircut that is very tempting. This haircut is accessorized by styling it even further. You can create some infamous beach waves or messy curls and be all ready to rock this hairstyle even further.So, try a new Haircuts and Hairstyles for hot look.

The Pixie Bob

The pixie bob haircut is the amazing mixture of two gorgeously evergreen styles: Bob Haircut + Pixie Haircut. If you don’t already know, don’t rack your brain. This style combines the above mentioned trending short hairstyles and creates a rather soft and long bob-styled pixie cut. It can give you the perfect blend of girly bob as well as the boyish pixie. This hairstyle is also called as the ‘breakup look’ where the girl knows how to show her wild beauty and chop her long tresses.

Trending Short Haircuts

The pixie bob haircut is one of the most trending hairstyles for women who are just confused between the two haircuts. You can also style this type of hair along with some ombre hair color, where you can color the lower bob or just highlight your tips. This is the shorter version of the long bob hairstyles and also looks shorter and wilder. You can mostly see this kind of haircut undergone by celebrities such as Haile Berry, Katy Perry, and Jennifer Lawrence. So, the pixie Bob is very trending short Haircuts and Hairstyles.

The Angled / Diagonal Bob

This hairstyle is comparatively longer in all the mentioned short trending hairstyles. The Bob hairstyle, the basic cut, but the Angled/ Diagonal Bob refers to the longer layer which frames your face. This hairstyle is commonly confused with the Layered Bob, but both are completely different. The length of the front hair in this style is rather more angled and diagonal in a clean bold way. The cut line and the longer layer are neatly cut. In such a way that there is an immediate striking contrast in its angle. The layer can be according to your way or the stylists’ way, or can be depending on the back hair length. If the back hair is till the ear or neck, the front layer would be till shoulder or maybe even further.Trending Short Haircuts

You can also style this look using some messy or beach waves and rock this trending short hairstyle even further. The diagonal look is trending short haircuts which are more accompanied with straight and sleek hair along with ombre hair color. This look turns your image into a bold experimental fashionista. But always take care about the trimming and styling as the silkiness and shine play an important key for the diagonal cut hair.

Style Your Short Trending Haircuts and Hairstyles

Trending Short Haircuts

It is easy to just cut your hair and be free from the sweating of summer and its management in this blazing heat. But no style can produce helpful results if it’s not taken care of. So always protect your hair from sun and don’t ever think that you cannot use any pins or rubber ties in its styling. Create your own unique way of using cute and attractive pins in your hair just to accessorise it even more.

Trending Short Haircuts

You can go to your stylist and also have a nice hair color that suits your hair cut and can give you completely different and iconic look. You can always go for an ombre hair color, or either just highlighting the ends of the hair to enhance your look even further. Create and enjoy your own bob hairstyle and feel the difference and also feel lighter in this heat. The styles go with jeans, dresses, shorts, suits, sarees or even kurti. Go for it girls, it never harms to have a change (drastic change here!) once a while!

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