Top 10 Most Viewed Sports , most watched sports and most popular sports
Top 10 Most Viewed Sports

Top 10 Most Viewed Sports , most watched sports and most popular sports

There are many and many sports that exists in the entire world. You cannot have the exact number of the total number of sport activities that the world entails. But we can surely bring to you the trending topic of Top 10 Most Viewed Sports, from all around the world. And not some of them but all of them are known to you and you must have watched all of them atleast once in your lifetime. This list of Most Viewed Sports is set according to their popularity and watching and viewings. This all factors play a big role in the entire process of selecting the top 10 sports among the hundreds and thousands that exists. let’s see below Top 10 Most Viewed Sports , most watched sports and most popular sports.

The above given list is entirely based on the popularity, viewing and rankings from all around the world. This list can also be titled as top 10 Most Watched Sports or Most popular sports all around the world. So let us have a look and see which game tops the list.


This is the sport that the entire population of the world can accept as the most popular sport and one of the most viewed sports. It is safe to say that this is the one of the favourite sport of all time. The viewer count for the last year football games grossed up to the total of 400 Million Viewers which bags the number 10 for our list of Most Viewed Sports , most watched sports and most popular sports. Yes, you may be surprised to know that this favourite sport of yours is not the first rank sport.

Top 10 Most Viewed Sports
Top 10 Most Viewed Sports

After football, if there is any other sport that is more famous is basketball. It bags upto 450 Million viewers every year with its gaming popularity. The ranking of basketball will be ninth, because with this much amount of viewers is a part of the fabric for the American Population. It was established in late 19th century. In fact, it has been far more successful than the American Football sport. Therefore, basketball is ranked at #9 for 10 Most Viewed Sports , most watched sports and most popular sports .


Some may trace golf’s origin to the Roman game Paganica, in which a bent stick was used to hit a leather ball. In fact, it became so popular in its time that the King James the second of Scotland had to ban the game as people were losing their interest in Archery. The viewers have been since increasing with the time as people are becoming more and aware of the game and its concentration. The viewers for the game of golf ranked upto 450 Million Fans. Golf is ranked at #8 for 10 Most Viewed Sports in our list.


Top 10 Most Viewed Sports
Top 10 Most Viewed Sports

Baseball has been brought into United States from the immigrants from Europe. With the passage of time, it has now become the national sport of United States. This sport holds the special place in American history and has been instrumental in hosting the American love by sporting more and more events. It is now followed by around 500 Million fans and is also popular in South and North America. It has dramatically influenced the viewers from Europe in the last few decades. Baseball is ranked at #7 for 10 Most Viewed Sports in our list.

Table Tennis 

The Table tennis is one of the sports that have been loved by the young as well as the older generation viewers. Table tennis has now began as an after dinner game played by the upper classes in Victorian England. You won’t believe this, but this game was originally called the ‘Whiff-Whaff’ but fortunately someone realised that this type of game needed much more serious name. It has now viewer counts upto 850 Million fan views at every game, making it the top #6 for 10 Most Viewed Sports in our list.


Top 10 Most Viewed Sports
Top 10 Most Viewed Sports

It maybe a beach or lawn, you are always lured into playing some volleyball seeing sand and net. It has become a very favourite outdoor beach sport that everyone loves. Initially it was invented to be played at a low level and required less energy than football and baseball. Men’s volleyball game was officially introduced at the Olympics in 1964. That popularity then leads to Beach Volleyball to become another official Olympic Sport in 1996. It has bagged upto 900 Million fans all around the world, giving it the rank of #5 for 10 Most Viewed Sports in our list.


Tennis is ranked at the #4 among the top 10 Most Viewed Sports on our list. In modern times, the game is played Worldwide by people from all walks of life and the top players wins millions as their prize and millions and millions more in ambassador sponsorship deals. The highlights of the tennis year are the four major tournaments, bagging 1 Billions fans of viewers each year. This sport has created many champions and fans all around the world.


The Hockey Association was founded in 1886 whereas the first international match took place between Ireland and Wales in the year 1895. The game was introduced in Olympics in 1908 and was dominated by India and Pakistan till 1968. It was the reason, hockey being the national sport of India. Many new countries such as Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, Australia tried to defeat this two champions after that. But Pakistan holds the unbreakable record of 4 world cups. This sport is becoming more and more popular nowadays which leads upto 2 Billion Fans views every year, ranking it #3 in top 10 Most Viewed Sports around the world.


Cricket is the only sport whose exact origins are not known. But it was believed to be originally created as a children’s game in Europe. With the time, the adults got interested and held matches between two villages or districts. By 19th century many cricket clubs were formed as a result. This game has the biggest fan following these days in countries like Australia, India, Pakistan and New Zealand. The majority of the sports total viewers of 2.5 Billion fans are from India and Pakistan. Thus, cricket holds the rank of #2 in the 10 Most Viewed Sports in our list.


Soccer is also known as Association Football and was earliest played in China. The modern game was founded in Europe in the year 1883. The popularity of this game grew so rapidly throughout Europe . And America, that soon FIFA was founded in Paris in the year 1904. In modern time, this sport is largely played on a professional level with the viewers count upto 3.5 Billions fans worldwide. The top players are earning tons of money through this game and are treated almost as religious deity across their country, hometown and fans. As a result, makes it the #1 sport in our list of 10 Most Viewed Sports in the world.

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