Google’s New Operating System, Google New OS
Google’s New Operating System, Google New OS

Google Fuchsia – Google’s New Operating System (OS)

There’s too much fuss about the new OS launched by Google. Many people want to know about the new OS system launched by the google. Whereas, people are lack of this information that about the new operating system. They believe in just using them and make comfortable to work on computers. First we were having the fight between Windows v/s Mac. After that comes IOS v/s Android. Also, there is new development operating system called Fuchsia. Therefore we bring to you an article on Google Fuchsia – Google’s New Operating System to bring all the details about this new iconic feature.

About Fuchsia: It was originate on Friday was an operating system design for “modern phones and modern personal computers,” it has been told by the Google that there are raising possibilities of Fuchsia and will challenge Android and Chrome OS.

Google Fuchsia Features:

Google’s New Operating System, Google New OS
Google’s New Operating System, Google New OS

Moreover, it is important to get all the necessary details about the features of Fuchsia. It has been come to know that user interface and apps are written by the “Flutter”, and the software development raising their ability for the better Operating system. Fuchsia OS application is based on Dart by flutter. Dart is general-purpose programming language which is incipiently developed by google.

  • Fuchsia operating system is not Linux Kernel based operating system.
  • Fuchsia operating system assemble with Magenta; on the basis of medium-size microkernel with the project name called as LittleKernel.
  • Fuchsia operating system core code constructs as lightweight.
  • Dart is reputably a first class burgher on Fuchsia. Much like it was shaking a leg along with IOS and macOS.
  • According to Travis Geiselbrecht it has come to know that the operating system will run soon on Raspberry Pi 3.
  • It is easy to use by everyone because it is having the open-source system which makes easy to modify the system.
  • For the developing purpose it is test on many different types of systems.
  • Magenta is design as an emulator to commercial OSes, similar as FreeRtos or ThreadX.
  • Vulkan based graphics offer by the flutters for realization engine called as “Escher”.
  • Built with shadow-heavy material design.

Fuchsia Squad:

Google’s New Operating System, Google New OS
Google’s New Operating System, Google New OS

There are names of some developer who contribute their time for this wonderful project on Google Fuchsia. Those are:

  • Travis Geiselbrecht: He is the talented developer who started working on operating system from 1990s. Though he was failure for some developing companies but he was infernal working for operating system. He was working with a different project along with this operating system.
  • Brian Swetland: He was the man who was working for Android from a longer time. He played a role for Android operating system. And always working with project as BeOS and Hiptop OS
  • Chris McKillop: He was working for Iphone operating system and the original WebOS. He was also working with the QNX operating system which generally use in car system and some of the BlackBerry Smartphone. Along this he was the part of Danger Hiptop.
  • Adam Barth: Team member of Google’s Chrome and he is working recently on the Google tools Flutter. He’s working to make easier for the programmer to develop software for Android and IOS. He built up his own developing system called Tau.

What does It mean?

Google’s New Operating System, Google New OS
Google’s New Operating System, Google New OS

Moreover, Dart is playing an important role to built up Fuchsia operating system. However there is no any other high-level language use like C compilers or java language. However, Google invests much amount for the Dart. This mean to us the google is recently working with the device program by Fuchsia. Flutter played a good role to build up high performance mobile application with the help Dart. Fuchsia is working for a larger device which makes their liabilities easy and simple to work at high performance. However, there is no graphical user interface working recently for operating system and there isn’t any chance at the end of it. However they are working for the good developing system and going to built up from there source.

Also, Fuchsia operating system is working with open-source project. Hence they make easy for developer to make changes with their own bases and can make easily for their own purposes. Selling open-source software is not easy for us like Microsoft selling Windows. But it is easy to attack alien programmer’s to assign with open-source project and used more to improve the result.

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