Deep Tissue Massage Benefits and Precautions

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits and Precautions

Deep Tissue Massage : We have known through generations the use of massage to cure chronic pain and musculature ailments. The use of different theories has been changing since time and centuries. We tend to change the use of theories and massages with our needs. In this fast moving world, we are obviously contributing more and more towards this change. Since our choices and body moves this fast, it is absolutely necessary to come across new massages which are specially made according to your problems.

Deep Tissue Massage is one of such massage that has gained a vast momentum for our modern world. The reason for this massage is a lot of conceptions that proves that oil-based pressure massages treats muscle injuries, improves health and also helps to maintain a healthy liver. In this article ‘Deep Tissue Massage Benefits and Precautions’ you will find all ‘About Deep tissue massage’, ‘its benefits as well as its precautions’, as the title suggests.

About Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits and Precautions

Deep tissue massage is termed as a specific massage that works on the deep muscular layers and fascia of our body. A fascia is known as the sheet of connective tissues beneath our skin, primarily consisting of collagen. The fascia plays the role of stabilizing, attaching, enclosing and separating muscles with other internal organs.

Mostly all of the people mistake the deep tissue massage with Swedish massage. But there lies a huge difference between the two massages. Where Swedish massage is best known for producing relaxing effect, the deep tissue massage is entirely opposite. The deep tissue massage is ideal for the recovering treatment of major muscle groups such as the neck or lower back. It is widely used to relieve strain and injuries from your joints and tendons. Whereas the Swedish massage uses lighter pressure, for relaxation from the tensed muscles, the deep tissue massage applies rather deeper pressure. The strokes that are created while giving the deep tissue massage are firm and slow.

Most of the people who go for this therapy don’t know what to expect. They think that this will be the similar process of acquiring relaxation and peace but there is a slight difference. The deep tissue massage generally does not provide relaxation instantly. There occurs initial pain when the massager provides peer pressure on your strained muscles which is necessary. The pain continues even after the massage as it is helpful for loosening tension and soreness. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of deep tissue massage.

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Reduces Stress
Deep Tissue Massage Benefits and Precautions

Deep tissue massage tends to relieve tension, stress and anxiety. The deep massage in the tissue, fascia leaves stress and anxiety. The main reason is that this massage tends to go in depth with the strong and more tensioned muscles which are present in the neck and lower back. Thus it can said that deep tissue massage can the solution to all the stress and anxiety that life throws at you. It is responsible for production of hormone called oxytocin. It produces positive emotions.

Reduces High Blood Pressure
Deep Tissue Massage Benefits and Precautions

Deep tissue massage is specially designed to work on the inner layers of tissue in the body. Due to this structure, it effectively lowers the risk of high blood pressure. Not exactly lowers it but stabilizes it to the regular amount. A study conducted on this topic, showed how the person having high blood pressure was provided with this therapy, and found a consistent dip in the blood pressure.

Lowers the Symptoms of Arthritis
Deep Tissue Massage Benefits and Precautions

If you don’t know the stage you are in, then arthritis can severely affect your life. Arthritis can turn your daily chores and work into a big pain and workload. This can managed by the deep tissue massage, by helping your stiff hands and nerves which are giving you the problem of arthritis. Though it is not a treatment in itself, it can help you if you will complement it with your daily prescribed treatments for arthritis.

Aids Lower Back Pain 
Deep Tissue Massage Benefits and Precautions

As mentioned earlier, the deep tissue massage treats and aids the tension and relaxation in the muscles in your back. When the deep tissue massage is provided, this muscle relaxes and produces a sensation where you can be free from the stiffness in your back. There are many experiments which causes significant reduction in the chronic back pain. This deep tissue massage scored higher rank in aiding back pain than the therapeutic massage.

Helps in Labor-Management
Deep Tissue Massage Benefits and Precautions

The labor pain can be effectively described as the most severe pain a human being can ever endure. Though we might not be able to eliminate it, we can surely try to decrease its pain as much as possible. The deep tissue massage is the main treatment, which helps in managing the labor pain and also reducing some of the usual pain and soreness. Women receiving this treatment report decrease in depression, anxiety and back and leg pain. It was also noted that the labor duration were 3 hours shorter with lesser need of medication.

Deep Tissue Massage Precautions
Deep Tissue Massage Benefits and Precautions

Not only are those but there many other benefits of deep tissue massage, such as muscle rehabilitation in runners and athletes, also alleviates fibromyalgia and its symptoms and also breaks the scar tissues down. But while enjoying these benefits, you should be aware of what precautions should you take. Let’s have a look at some of the important . And must precaution that you should take while receiving deep tissue massage.

  1. It is must prescribed that you don’t opt for deep tissue massage if you have blood clots in your body as this therapy may dislodge the clots.
  2. Check with your doctor whether you can take the deep tissue massage if you have done for chemotherapy, radiation, recent surgery and or any medical condition.
  3. You should always talk and inform your massage therapist if you have inflamed skin or infected or bruised skin, open/unhealed wounds, tumors, abdominal hernia, fragile bones or any recent fractures.
  4. You should always consult your doctor about whether you should or should not opt for deep tissue massage if you have ailments regarding bones, muscles or joints.
  5. Deep tissue massage or strong pressured massage should be avoided during the pregnancy, but nowadays the doctor are suggesting for message therapist who is trained in pregnancy massage.

When you read about this massage and its effects, you can have a brief idea about how the pressure works and that this process is more about blood stimulation than relaxation. So if you think that you can handle and that you need this massage then only you should go for deep tissue massage. Also, be aware of always taking your doctors consultancy before going for this massage. We hope that you got some insight about this entire massage therapy.

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