10 Most Shocking Rites of Passage for Men
10 Most Shocking Rites of Passage for Men

10 Most Shocking Rites of Passage for Men – Male Initiation Rituals

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10 Most Shocking Rites of Passage for Men – Male Initiation Rituals

The title may take you a bit by surprise that is it this article even true. But it surely is, as we confirm it from the facts itself. We live in a male-dominated world and there is no way of denying it. Surely there are many women trying to make their way in these confines of man society. But do you know, that it is not only woman who goes through the horrible rituals for proving womanhood, but even man in some of the rural areas goes through exactly the same. Yes, you heard it right. This article brings you the 10 Most Shocking Rites of Passage for Men, from around the world. When a man reaches a certain age, he is told to undergo some of the procedures called ‘male initiation rituals.’ This ritual effectively proves whether he is fit to become a man.

That is why we bring to you the 10 Most Shocking Male Initiation Rituals from around the world, which a boy undergoes to prove his transformation into becoming “man”.

10 Most Shocking Male Initiation Rituals:

The list here is in no particular order. Although the rituals mentioned here will sure as hell give you goosebumps and make you respect all men around you, whether they have or haven’t undergone any rituals –

careinfo.inOne of the most commonly known men initiation ritual is the Bar Mitzvah ritual, which is performed traditionally in the caste of Jews. In this initiation ritual, requires boy of age 13 to read the Torah. Once they do this, they are officially considered as the men and are responsible personally for the adherence to Jewish Law. This is probably one of the most well known and honestly the least violent rituals among all. It is the moment when the man becomes responsible to fulfill Mitzvoth, the 613 commandments enshrined in Torah. It plays a significant role on the life of a Jewish man.

  1. The Sambia Club-House –
club house

This is one of the male initiation rituals mostly performed among the people of the Sambia Tribe. This is one of the rituals that last many years. The boys of this tribe are detached with their female acquaintances at the age of 7 and live only with men in a clubhouse until they are ready to marry. They are forced to undergo regular nosebleeding and semen swallowing, considered necessary to encourage masculine growth. This ritual deems the man being useful for marrying. Even after the man has married, has a child, but does not complete the six level of ritual, he is still not considered to have reached manhood.

  1. Hamar Tribe Cow-Jumping –

10 Most Shocking Male Initiation RitualsMany tribes perform this ritual, but with a lot of variations. One such tribe called Minoans practised bull-leaping, whereas somewhat similar practised ritual exists in India too. In the Hamar tribe, this male initiation ritual proves the man’s athleticism and fitness for marriage. While performing this ritual the man, the man has to be naked and run across the back of the cows four times, without falling. If the boy is failed to prove and perform this ritual, he is not allowed a wife because of his absence of manliness.

  1. Mardudjara “Man Birth” –

10 Most Shocking Male Initiation RitualsAnother such weird ritual exists in the people of Mardudjara Aborigines in Australia. This ritual includes having his tooth knocked out, as well as having his septum pierced. Now, the boy has to pretend that is dead. They are circumcised and taken into wilderness by other men. The candidates are not allowed to speak as he is playing dead. After this they are sent into hunting and camp, and when they return bloodied, they are considered as rebirth into man.

  1. Algonquin Indian Memory Loss Ceremony –

10 Most Shocking Male Initiation Rituals careinfo.inIn this ceremony, the people of Algonquin Indian tribe, forces the men into secluded area to have a plant mixture called Wysoccan. This plant has a powerful hallucinogen intended to remove all the memories of childhood. This ritual longs for 20 days. They forget what they are, where they are and how to speak with the memory loss and hallucination. If the man survives this initiation ritual, he is having the rite of passage.

  1. Zulu’s “Man Camp” –
10 Most Shocking Male Initiation Rituals
Bukusu villagers

This male initiation rituals ritual is one of the fatal among all the other rituals. In this male initiation ritual the people of South African groups. Teens are taken into wilderness where they learn how to be a man by chanting, covering themselves in dust, and having circumcision by a drunken doctor with a spear. Though this ritual was banned 200 years ago, this is still practised by some of the tribes called Xhosa.

  1. Vanuatu Land Diving –
10 Most Shocking Male Initiation Rituals
10 Most Shocking Male Initiation Rituals

There exists a belief of male initiation rituals where a man has to jump headfirst from a 70-100 foot platform with vines attached to his ankles. This proves the man’s manliness and also being strong and capable. But this activity is very dangerous as the vines are not that strong so it has high chances of dangerous results. This display is based on the local legend and is very frightful to watch and even fatal for the man.

  1. Matis’s Hunting Trials –
10 Most Shocking Male Initiation Rituals

These are the expert jungle hunters, whose rituals are as harsh as their lifestyle. They drips the juice of bitter plant into their eyes, whips and injects kampo. Kampo as a strong purgative, and is rightfully believed that this frog’s poison, is anti-bacterial which makes the man healthy and all other activities makes him strong. It may seem like a torture, but is a benefit to make this man healthy. They are also slapped by a stinging poces leaf which they have to endure to show their strength and courage.

  1. Bullet Ant Ritual in Satere-Mawe

10 Most Shocking Male Initiation Rituals careinfo.inThis is one of the highest painful male initiation rituals where the man has to wear woven gloves full of bullet ants. Bullet ants when stinks you, can produce so much pain as being hit my by a bullet. They have to wear such gloves for ten minutes for different time intervals. This can also leave the men shivering and trembling uncontrollably for many days. Its venom is evolved to stop the body in releasing the effect of painkillers. If the person endures this, he is known as man now and gives importance as a useful member of the tribe.

  1. Maasai Lion Hunt –
10 Most Shocking Male Initiation Rituals
10 Most Shocking Male Initiation Rituals

This ritual is considered as one of the most serious and fatal initiation ritual ever. In this ritual the people of Maasai tribes, send out the boys with just a cloth and spear, in order to kill a full grown lion. Only after he kills the lion, he can be accounted as the man of the tribe. This is one of the most horrifying male initiation rituals ever. If the man is successful in killing the lion, he is capable o take care of his family too. But if not, he will be the meal for the tiger and thus separated the weak from the strong. When the boy completes this ritual he is named as the ‘fearless warrior’ by his tribesman.

This was the 10 Most Shocking Rites of Passage for Men which can make you think twice about its absurdity. Hope you liked this article and got to know some of the horrifying rituals which men undergoes to prove their masculinity. Hope you liked all the male initiation rituals and received interesting information.

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