The Flying Car First Test Flight in Germany
The Flying Car First Test Flight in Germany

The Flying Car First Test Flight in Germany

Generally we all know that car is one type of vehicle for land. But do you know car can Fly in Air???Today we talk about The Flying Car which is flying in air as well as gives you door to door transportation. This car is providing facility of Transportation in Air as well as road. The AeroMobil disclosed its flying vehicle at the Top Marques Monaco supercar occasions. And Lilium Aviation released the video for first test flight successful flying in air.

Below given video shows that car is taking off vertices just like helicopter. This car can fly via wings-borne. The Flying Car is powered by 36 different jet engines increases on its 10 meters long wings and 12 movable flaps.

The Flying Car-World’ First Electric Car ready to fly in Air

During First test this car was piloted remotely. This car is powered by electric battery. It is travel 300 km per hour and its range is 300km.

Many people want to buy this car. Lilium Aviation announce one of the most important goal is that this is first test flight which electrical and two-seater vehicle and run on VTOL (Vertical take-off and landing).In The Flying car the exterior is very much aerodynamic with specially control and safety in air as well as road. The inside look of car is especially focus on light weight design as well as safety. Controls are very simple and stylish which easily operate by pilots and drivers too. In The Flying Car the AeroMobil will use an exclusive glass cockpit system with display setup. The digital display shows require details which help in take-off purpose. As we describe above that this car provide safety with advanced technology. For safety purpose this car provides seat belt as well as two-airbags.

The Flying Car

In lots of way the electric-powered aviation is still its inafancy.The Electric Flying Car is contain thousand pound batteries usually 300 miles per charge. As per the Lilium the electric battery of this car needs approximately 90% less than energy than aircraft.

Key Features:

  • The flying car fully transfers into flight less than 3 minutes.
  • Provide advance control mode for both Drive and fly mode.
  • Adaptive flight control surface and vehicle suspension for landing and take-off.

Flying Car Safety:

  • Integral Carbon Fiber structure & occupant cell.
  • Parachute System
  • Occupant Restraint Systems like seat belts as well as Airbags

As per AeroMobil this car is deliveries to customers by 2020.If you want to but this car then cost for it is 1.3 $ million to 1.6 $ million.

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