smoothie mistakes you must avoid when you make smoothie

7 mistakes (smoothie mistakes) you should avoid when making smoothie

When you need to make a healthy smoothie, a number of factors normally play an important role. There are many mistakes that you could make and these will affect the quality of your smoothies. So must know and how to avoid the mistake make when you make smoothies will definitely help make a difference. Making healthy smoothies is a process that begins not only in the choice of the right ingredients but also the selection of the perfect blender. If you get it wrong in the process, then your smoothie might not come out exactly the way you envisioned. Here are 7 smoothie mistakes you must avoid when you make smoothie: –

7 smoothie mistakes that you never forget

Not having enough ingredients rich in fiber

smoothie mistakes you must avoid when you make smoothie

Any healthy smoothie must have enough fiber if you are to avoid the risk of eating some unhealthy snacks at different parts of the day. In many cases, people who want to live healthy normally find themselves snacking due to hunger pangs but this can be avoided by enriching your smoothies with fiber. Fiber helps you to feel fuller for long while at the same time preventing hunger pangs. You can include fruits and veggies including avocado, pear, berries, kiwi, spinach and kales just to boost fiber levels in your smoothie. So, avoiding fiber is one biggest smoothie mistakes you will make.

Pumping too much calories to the smoothie

smoothie mistakes you must avoid when you make smoothie

Many people make this smoothie mistakes without knowing it. Actually, there is a well intended approach but ends up messing up the quality of the smoothie. One of the ways you can have so many calories in your smoothie is by adding too many fruits into the smoothies especially because these too have a lot of calories. Fruits are suitable due to the plenty of fiber and nutrients they provide but also could increase calorie levels without you realizing it.

Not having enough protein

smoothie mistakes you must avoid when you make smoothie

Your smoothies should be rich in protein if they are to be healthy. However, many people make the mistake of limiting the protein levels by not including the right ingredients in the smoothie-making process. Not having enough protein will cause you to snack during the day and this should be avoided. Always add a little bit of protein powder to your smoothies or go for dairy or soy milk. In case you opt to use water in your smoothies, make sure to also include other great sources of protein such as Greek yogurt, chia seeds, nut butters, oats or pumpkin seeds.

Sweetening too much

smoothie mistakes you must avoid when you make smoothie

Sweet smoothies can be appealing but never over do it. Adding a lot of sweeteners to your smoothies simply raises the level of calories thus beating the purpose of the smoothie. The fruits you combine in your perfect blender will definitely give you the right flavor and if you have to sweeten, just add a simple tablespoon of honey and that’s all. However, it is always advisable to go for fruits such as dates, raisins or prunes for sweetness. Adding too much sweet in smoothie is also another smoothie mistakes.

Skipping greens

smoothie mistakes you must avoid when you make smoothie

Skipping greens is other smoothie mistakes. Greens are not only tasty but also very rich in nutrients. Not having them in your smoothies is a great mistake that you should avoid. Consider adding greens such as watercress, kale or spinach to your smoothies to make them healthier and yummy. Always try to strike a perfect balance between the ingredients for that superb richness.

Using chemical-laden fruits and veggies

smoothie mistakes you must avoid when you make smoothie

If we are talking about healthy smoothies, we must make sure that the ingredients we use are pure and free from chemicals. As such, it is advisable to consider organic supplies as these are not grown using pesticides and other unhealthy chemicals that could be harmful to your health. If it’s too expensive for you to buy organic supplies, try to at least know the source of your ingredients and at least for what is healthy. It is also one of smoothie mistakes that you must avoid.

Failure to add a base in the blender

smoothie mistakes you must avoid when you make smoothie

Even the perfect blender needs proper maintenance. However, many people fail in this by trying to blend without first of all adding water or milk to the blender to lighten the blending process. When this is done, your blender will be overworked and eventually breakdown. Once you pour your fruits and veggies to the blender, always follow it up by adding some water. This will prolong the life of your blender.

You should avoid these smoothie mistakes to make healthy smoothie. In fact, you will be able to enjoy healthy smoothies everyday and achieve your goals. Always remember to begin your process by buying the perfect blender as this is something you’ll be using every day.

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