Exclusive Home screen Launchers for Android
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Exclusive Home screen Launchers for Android

Home screen Launchers for Android users customize their Smartphone and tablet experience. There external stuff like changing display transitions, icons, and fonts, but the best Android launchers out there enable users to tweak the device’s behavior suit their daily usage so long as you are willing to put the time into major those customization  . Let’s see some information about Exclusive Home screen Launchers for Android.

Nova launcher

The Nova launchers are one of the best and most renewed Launchers for Android all time. Nova adds more functionality to your home screen and app drawer by allowing you to organize it way you want. You can customize just about all time with this apps as animations, customs symbol, folder, widgets and more.

:: Nova Launcher Tips & Tricks::

Smart launcher 3

Smart launcher 3 is a very lightweight and quick launcher that brings a unique user interface to your android home screen. On run six rings to your home screen which gives fast access to you most used apps. You can also get a search bar and clock widget on the home screen.

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WP launcher

The WP launcher gets rid of the model Android user interface and adds that metro look to your device while giving you the option to customize the size and position of live tiles as well as theme colors to your taste and a search bar that helps you find for application or contacts .

:: WP 8 style launcher::

Arrow launcher

Microsoft arrow lunches makes it simple and quickly to search your most apps and settings as well as contact. You can quickly swipe up the dock up frequently used setting such as Bluetooth, WI-Fi, display brightness and more.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher for Android

Hola launcher

Hola launcher brings its own unique interface to your android home screen. Even if it looks familiar with the standard android UL there are key features which set it apart. You can simply do so by opeing the application drawer which sorts your apps alphabetically into a verticals list.

::Hola launcher ::

Nano launcher

One of the smallest applications on this list with the apk file weighting only 2.5 MB in size and home screen includes a clock widget that shows weather information some apps and search bar at the bottom. The application sorts all your widgets into one vertical list which makes it simple to search something fast instead of moving from one page to another page .

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Yahoo aviate launcher

Yahoo launches attempts to adapt your android phone depending on your location and usage. Aviator launcher also provides a smart display which functions a bot like Google now but is powered by yahoo ..

:: Yahoo Aviate for Android::

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