Chemically Straightened Hair


It is absolutely essential to take complete care of your hair, either it is scorching heat or shivering winter. The main reason behind it is that care of your hair is most essential activity to protect it from climate change and harsh weather. Especially when it is chemically challenged, it will require your utmost attention. Hair care is gaining more momentum nowadays as everyone is conscious of their looks and presentable state. That in itself is one of the reasons why people apply for chemical treatment to ‘mend’ their hair. The first myth regarding natural hair is that they are normally frizzy and unmanageable so people opt for the chemical treatments. But without proper care your hair can give you disastrous results. So let us have a look at some common myths and some effective hair care tips for Chemically Straightened Hair.


  1. Some of the popular and most false myths regarding chemically straightened hair are that you can only take care of it by wasting too much money after it and by going to salons. But it is absolutely wrong. You can also take care of it at your home and by wasting ‘no’ money after it.
  2. One can also apply hair oil in straightened hair and that can be very helpful. The myth regarding hair oil is that one should not apply hair oil if they want smooth and straight hair results. But we all know, (having Indian mothers) that how important hair oil and massage is.
  3. Another popular myth regarding chemically straightened hair is that you should only keep your hair open so that it prevents any fold-ups or any frustrating curls or bends in your hair. That messes up the entire straight hair image and also creates unnecessary bends. But this advice is applicable only when you have straightened hair just before 2 or 3 days.
  4. Wash your hair at every two days and don’t let oil collect in your scalp. This is the myth that people with chemically straightened hair normally accept and was their hair regularly, and sometimes, daily. But we all should know the fact that more and more shampoo starts to hair loss, frizz and dullness in your hair.
  5. And last but widely accepted myth about hair care for straightened hair is that you can take care of it even without regular care and attention. Your hair maybe naturally beautiful and shiny but that shouldn’t stop one from taking care when they have chemicals in their hair.

The myths mentioned above, can be easily taken care of, so keep reading about the tips and care for your hair.

Hair care tips for chemically straightened hair

Chemically enhanced or not, one should always take care of their hair, and go through a performed routine for basic hair care lest they want it to be more and more dull and lifeless. Basic hair care (for non-straightened/smoothened hair) includes regular hair oil, massaging your scalp, wash at regular intervals, protecting them from harsh weather and to take care of their food intake as it helps in care for your hair on a large base. Some of those tips are also helpful for chemically straightened hair. But, have a look at some detailed tips for hair care, especially for your straightened hair.

  1. There is never enough care for your hair. The more the better. But this doesn’t apply for washing and exposure. So always start with the foremost tip that is hair oil and hair spa. In between fixed period of time, you should have a fixed appointment for hair spa at your salon or home. This enhances the quality of your hair and provides the much needed hair nutrition, which helps your chemically straightened hair to look smooth and flourished instead of frizzy and rough.

Also, provide your hair with much needed scalp massage so it can help your natural hair, growing from roots. It always provides you with satisfaction and takes away your weekdays stress and gives you shinier and healthier hair.

  1. 2. Never use ironing machine or a curling iron in your already chemical used hair. It makes the result look more tough and rough instead of smooth. If you are a big fan of changing hair styles to match your moods and wardrobe. Then never apply for straightening in the first place. It takes away your natural smoothness and after washing, it gives you a very frustrating result and dull hair.
  2. Watch your intake of food and water. Hydrogen plays a vital role in mending your crazy hair. So drink as much water as possible, and take notice of food that you intake. Oily, spicy and junk, not only disturbs your digestion and skin, but in many ways affects your hair quality. Have more fruits, rich with juices and water, so it gives water to your body, resulting in shiny and smooth hair. Water keeps your hair healthy, when it taken into body, and not only by washing regularly.
  3. Prevent your hair in summer as well as winter. Summer climate brings harsh UV rays which interfere with your better hair. So before heading out of your home, make sure your hair is protected from direct sunlight as well as the dry air of winter. Direct exposure can turn your smoothness into craziness. Always wear a head band, or loose scarp before heading out, to maintain your quality of straightened hair.
  4. Do not go crazy with open hair as it makes you chemically enhanced hair a house of hair streaks. So to prevent & create a long time effect, always tie up your hair either in a loose bun or ponytail, to prevent the streakiness.
  5. Always use shampoos and conditioners that are chemical friendly for your straightened hair. There are many products available nowadays, especially for chemically straightened hair to make it beautiful. And wash your hair only after when it is dirty or oiled. Shampooing daily makes your natural flow go away and replaces it with irritation. And always use leave-in conditioners after your wash. That gives your hair more healthy look and shine.
  6. Trim or cut your hair at regular intervals of three months, to cut off the uneven tips and get volume in your hair. This takes away split ends, roughness and frizziness that occurs at sometimes, when your hair is especially chemically straight.
  7. And the last care tip is, to always listen and obey your stylists’ advice on hair care. This is the only person, who can tell you properly about what to do and what to not for your hair specially.

We hope that you found this tips useful, and create your own clean and smooth straightened hair. For more information like this visit