Barley Tea Benefits

Barley Tea Benefits for Health

As we all know there are many benefits of Barley Water. But today we talk about Barley Tea. This tea is very famous in Korea, China as well as Japan. Barley Tea is also known as mugicha in Japan and in Korea it is famous as a boricha. In China it is famous as a Maicha.This Tea is aromatic as well as little bit bitter. Barley Tea does not contain any caffeine and only made by roasted barley in warm water.So, if you consume Barley Tea regularly you get lots of Health Benefits. Barley Tea is gives you amazing health benefits like, helps in digestion, reduce stress, act as an antioxidant and many more. Here we give the information about the Barley Tea Benefits. Before seeing the health benefits let’s see how to prepare Barley Tea?

Barley Tea Recipe:


  • Roasted Barley: ¼ cup
  • Water: 1 ½ pints
  • Honey: According to taste
  • Lemon: According to Taste
Barley Tea Benefits


  • First of all take saucepan and add 1 ½ pints water in it. After that boil water.
  • Now reduce heat, cover and boil for 6 minutes.
  • Then add roasted barley in it and again boil for 20 mintues.Now switch off the flame and set this mixture for cooling purpose about to 20 minutes.
  • At last strain the barley and add lemon juice and honey according to taste.

So, now let’s see Amazing Benefits of Barley Tea for Health.

Barley Tea Benefits for Health:

Prevents Cancer:
Barley Tea Benefits

Barley Tea is very beneficial for Cancer Paitnets.This tea helps to get rid of toxins from your body and keep cancer at bay. It is also decrease the side effects of chemotherapy. The hytonutrients factor of Barley Tea fight against Cancer like, breast cancer and prostate cancer. This tea contains high antioxidant level which is very beneficial in prevention against the cell damage.So, consume this tea and get one of the best Barley Tea Benefits for your Health.

Act as a Blood Cleanser:
Barley Tea Benefits

Barley Tea is one of the best teas for Cleansing Blood. It is also control your blood sugar as well as reduces cholesterol level of your body. According to Japanese mugicha also remove your blood impurities.So; it is one of the Health Benefits of Barley Tea.

Fight against insomnia:
Barley Tea Benefits

Barley Tea is full of melatonin, amino acid and tryptophan which give you better sleep. This Tea is free from caffeine and do not hamper the sleep pattern.So, consume Barley Tea before going to bed which is very beneficial to fight against insomnia. It is one of the very good Barley Tea Benefits for Health.

Antibacterial Properties:
Barley Tea Benefits

It is Famous Barley Tea Benefits for Health. Barley tea is preventing against germs and bacteria like, viral infections and oral streptococci. This bacteria attack in your tooth and leads which decompose and rust of the enamel. So, consume at least one cup of Barley tea and get rid of oral infections as well as viral infection.

Rich in Antioxidants:
Barley Tea Benefits

Barley is containing high amount of antioxidant property. The anti-oxidant property of Barley Tea help to fight against inflammation and various diseases. It is full of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, lignans and selenium which is act as antioxidants. Barley Tea help to prevent cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disorders.So, consume barley tea and get this Amazing Barley Tea Health Benefits.

Fight against Cold:
Barley Tea Benefits

 By consuming one cup of Barley tea in a day, help to fight against cold. It helps to lessen the symptoms of cold. Barley Tea is also very good to cure fever. It breaks up the congestion and phlegm and help to cure asthma and bronchits. If you drink 2 cup of Barley tea then it help you to cure sore throat.So, this very good Barley Tea Benefits for Health.

Beneficial for Skin:
Barley Tea Benefits

Barley Tea is very good source of antioxidants which keeps your body hydrated and remove harmful toxins from your body. That’s why it helps to keep your skin healthy and glowing. It also prevent premature aging.So, it is very good Barley Tea Benefits for Skin.

Helps in Digestion:
Barley Tea Benefits

According to study, Barley Tea helps in digestion. Barley Tea helps in absorption and settling the stomach.So, consume this tea in your meal for better digestion.

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