Tricks to Enhance Sleep Health

The Great Tips and Tricks to Enhance Sleep Health

Sleep is one of the essential parts of a person overall health and wellness. Healthy sleep patterns not only result to a healthy life but also makes your body active during the day. The quality of life depends on your sleeping habits which may range from early sleeping and early rising or late sleeping and late rising and vice versa. Research have shown that sleep deprivation or poor health-sleeping practices may result in chronic conditions such as weak immune system, mental disorders such as brain tumor, impaired memory, stress -related disorders and heart diseases. It may also cause stomach ulcers and mood disorders. Among the children, it may interfere with growth and development. To avoid all these complications, you have to accommodate healthy sleeping practices. In fact, you all can follow the following great tips and Tricks to Enhance Sleep Health

Top 7 Tips to Enhance Sleep Health:

Consistent Sleep Schedule 

Tricks to Enhance Sleep Health

One way of sleeping healthy is by maintaining a regular sleeping schedule. By the phrase “regular sleeping schedule” we mean that you stick to the same waking up and sleeping schedule. It does not matter where you are or which day may it be on a weekend, holiday or any other abnormal day; you have to you have to go to bed at about the same time each day and wake up at the same time also.

A consistent sleeping schedule boosts the sleep/wake cycle of your body. This reinforcement is vital in promoting a better night sleep. You can fall asleep quickly and also stay asleep for the entire night. You may interfere with the schedule but try to minimize the number of interruptions so that you can experience the importance of consistent sleeping schedule in the long run. A Proper sleeping schedule is the best Tricks to Enhance sleep health.

Healthy eating

Tricks to Enhance Sleep Health

Giving the body ample time to digest the foods eaten before going to sleep, is also one of the remedies of promoting quality sleep. You should avoid eating foods within two to three hours for your regular sleeping time. Besides, you must take dinner since an empty stomach may make you uncomfortable at bed. Some of the foods and drinks should also be avoided at night before sleeping. Intake of caffeine keeps your body awake and can keep you awake for up to five hours from the time of consumption. Alcohol, on the other hand, makes a person sleep at first but causes discomfort and sleeplessness at later sleeping stages. Hard foods may interfere with digestion at night resulting in sleep deprivation. Eating healthy food is also one of the best Tricks to Enhance Sleep Health.

Relaxing bedtime practices

Tricks to Enhance Sleep Health

Try your best to limit much of your time before going to bed. Engaging in a task right before sleeping away from eye-straining and bright lights alleviate things such as stress, anxiety, and excitement which may make restless at bed. Red and blue light from various devices such as tablets, televisions, and smartphones interfere with what we call “melatonin processes” which makes your brain stay awake for long. In the case you get to bed by it takes you more than fifteen minutes to sleep, it will be good to get out of the bed and do something relaxing until when you feel sleepy. Always remember it is tough to get asleep and remain asleep when your brain is exposed to sounds or music.

Avoid a long time nap 

Tricks to Enhance Sleep Health

Sleeping problems at night may arise from taking a long nap during the day. Know how beneficial or adverse napping can be on your sleeping ability. A short time nap (10-20 minutes) is essential for increased alertness, calm feeling, enhanced cognitive function and also energy generation boosting but an extended nap lids to grogginess feelings after waking us and may deprive you sleep at night. As stated earlier, rest may be helpful during the day especially in the afternoon, but when you cannot get asleep at bedtime, it may have an adverse impact on your body. In the case you experience sleeping troubles at night, then you have to avoid daytime naps. Avoiding a long time nap is also another best Tip to improve sleep health.

Regular Exercises

Tricks to Enhance Sleep Health

Exercising regularly makes your body feel exhausted. When your body is exhausted, it is always ready to rest. Vigorous activities are the best for a better sleep, but even the light ones are also good as compared to the failure to exercise. Workout for about three hours before going to bed. Exercises done closer to sleeping time may not give your body required a time to enter into a relaxation state. The earlier, the better. Daily exercises is also another way to improve sleep health.

Managing Stress

Tricks to Enhance Sleep Health

Stress reduces the quality and quantity of sleep. Sleeping by itself is one of the way managing the level of stress, but with the stress, sleeping may be difficult. For this reason among many others, always take your time to manage stress. To manage stress so as to improve sleep, you should take your time to exercise regularly. You should also eat properly and engage in various body relaxation techniques such as Yoga. Avoid taking alcohol and drugs and most importantly share/talk with somebody your trust. To develop a stress management plan, you can visit a testing center or a counselor. Reduction stress is also one of the Tricks to Enhance Sleep Health.

Conducive Sleeping Environment 

Tricks to Enhance Sleep Health

Other Tricks to Enhance Sleep Health is the conducive sleeping environment. The nature of the sleeping environment have a great impact on sleeping and therefore you should take your time to establish which conditions you need in your room so as to sleep. Your room should always be cool with a temperature ranging between 60 to 68 degrees.

Science has shown that human bodies get more quality sleep mostly in cool temperatures. Have mechanisms (humidifier and fans) so that you can adjust temperatures in your bedroom. In the case this is not possible, then you should keep the windows open.

Your bedroom needs to be light and noise free during bedtime. Noise and light act as distractions which irritates your mind and eyes resulting in sleeping discomfort. Avoid loud music or any music at all.

Consider using eyeshades and blackout curtains to hinder light from reaching your eyes. Earmuffs and earplugs limit the amount of noise and unwanted sounds.

A comfortable bed is also essential for you to sleep better. Build or purchase a bed that is cozy to sleep on an entire night. Soft pillows and mattress are also important. All you need is a supportive and soft mattress. A quality mattress should not have been used for more than ten years. Bed sheets and the blankets should be cleaned regularly to allow for fresh air aeration.

A constant turning and tossing of the bed are wise. Besides, an inviting, as well as attractive room, feels good to sleep in. A clean and allergens free room is conducive for a sleep health.

Avoidance of Artificial Sleeping Aids 

Tricks to Enhance Sleep Health

Last but not least Tricks to Enhance Sleep Health is trying to avoid the artificial sleeping aids. With advancement in technology, some sleeping pills and supplements are said to enhance production of the sleeping hormone referred to as Melatonin. Melatonin decreases the amount of time your body takes to fall asleep. This hormone is naturally generated in the body and therefore there is no way it can be produced by sleeping pills or supplements.

Research have shown that intake of pills and other supplements may completely alter your body sleeping capabilities resulting to what we refer to as addiction. This means that you may end up depending on the pills entirely for you to sleep. They not only disrupts the natural ability of the body to sleep but also causes other disorders such as mental illness. Natural sleeping is the only one that can cure insomnia. Only take natural supplements that boost production of melatonin but avoid other artificial sleep aids.

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