Healthiest Summer Foods

10 Healthiest Summer Foods for cool and hydrated body

Summer is only a time when you can enjoy with your kid and family. During summer everyone goes for a swimming, camping, trekking and play on the beach. But, summer comes with lots of health problem like mouth ulcers, sun damage, heat stroke, digestion problem and also dehydration, which most common problem in summer. So, you must take care of your health, by adding Healthiest summer foods in your diet. During hot summer days, your body required more water to decrease the level of heat. So must add lots of fruits and vegetable, which contain a high amount of water.

There are lots tasty and healthy summers foods are available, which you eat during this hot summer. Summer is a season of enjoyment and vacation. Everyone likes to go vacation during summer. But summer is a hot season, so lots of us suffer from the problem of dehydration and also many other problems. Foods to eat when dehydrated are coconut water, watermelon, mango, summer squash, cucumber, corn, sweet lime, buttermilk, Greek yogurt, kiwi etc.

Top 10 tasty Summer Foods to stay hydrated in summer

Coconut water

Healthiest Summer Foods

After water, coconut water is one of the best purest liquid. It is best and healthiest food for summer. It contains sugar, minerals, and electrolytes, which is beneficial to replenish level of hydration in the body. One glass of coconut water helps to get back the electrolyte composition in your body fluid.

Coconut water is very helpful to reduce weight because it is low in cholesterol, fat and also chlorides. In fact, it also helps to reduce craving for food. If you drink coconut water in morning on an empty stomach, then it helps you to protect your eyes, lungs, blood circulation and kidney from the heat effect.

Summer Squash

Healthiest Summer Foods

Summer Squash contain a high amount of vitamin C and A., In fact, it also contains vitamin B, which helps to improve your energy. These fruits also contain some components, which maintain a level of sugar in blood in balance and also insulin metabolism. In addition, this summer foods also offer you zinc potassium, vitamin K, folate, choline, phosphorus, omega 3 fatty acid and also magnesium. You can add it into your wraps and salads. In fact, you can also stuff or bake then. So, summer squash is one of the best hydrating food in summer.


Healthiest Summer Foods

Mango is most popular fruit in the list of summer foods. These summer fruits contain cooling and soothing effects, which provide you energy during a hot day of summer. In addition, mango contains high amount of vitamin-like A, E, and C, which are very important to keep you healthy. To beat a heat in summer, you can eat mango both ripe and unripe. In fact, you can make a tasty smoothie, by adding ripe mango pulp in a yogurt or milk.


Healthiest Summer Foods

Corns contain antioxidant like zeaxanthin and lutein. Corn is very beneficial to protect your skin from the harmful effect of UV rays. An antioxidant is very beneficial to reduce the probability of producing the age-related macular degeneration.

It also contains folate and thiamin, which gives you energy. In addition, it also contains vitamins B, which reduces stress and also reduce the level of cholesterol. You can also make soup of corn or salad to add corn in your diet.


Healthiest Summer Foods

Cucumber also comes in the list of cool summer foods. It contains high amount of water, which help you to make your body refreshed and cool. In fact, it also contain vitamin C. Vitamin C is very beneficial to protect your skin from the UV ray, in addition, it also helps to reduce the damage of sun and wrinkles. You can eat cucumber as a cool crunchy snack and add into salad. You can also make cucumber soup or juice. Cucumber contains enzyme, which is known as erepsin that help to make the intestinal tract healthy. It also helps to boost digestion.


Healthiest Summer Foods

To fight from dehydration and fatigue, you can drink buttermilk at end of a long hot day. Buttermilk contains electrolytes, which help to rehydrate your body. Buttermilk is also beneficial to calm your stomach after eating spicy food and also beneficial for digestion. It also helps to reduce tiredness, nausea, sweating, headaches, and muscles cramps. In addition, it is great for skin.


Healthiest Summer Foods

Around 95 % of water is found in one medium size tomato, which is very beneficial to keep your body hydrated. Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is a phytochemical, which has potent antioxidant property. This property help to protect your skin from harmful effect of UV rays. In addition, tomatoes also contain folate, manganese, potassium, dietary fiber, niacin, magnesium and also lots of vitamin-like A, E, C, B6, and K.  You can add tomatoes to your salad and add tomato in sandwiches. In fact, you can make tomato soups and tomato juice.


Healthiest Summer Foods

Watermelons are the most popular summer foods. Approximately 92 % of water found in watermelon and also help to fluid intake to make your body hydrated. In addition, It also contains lycopene and vitamin C & A, which help to decrease the chances of complication from diabetes, heart problem, high blood pressure issue, arthritis, cancer, degeneration of macular.  These watery summer foods make you hydrated and cool during a hot day of summer.

Greek Yogurt

Healthiest Summer Foods

This is best summer foods to make your cool and also to help go away the heat of the body. Greek yogurt contains calcium, protein and also probiotics bacteria, which help to make your digestive system smooth and also improve immunity system. In addition, it also helps to reduce yeast infection. It also contains a mixture of carbohydrate and protein, which help you to slim down. Eat one cup of Greek yogurt and to make it tastier add fresh raspberries or strawberries, according to your choice.

Sweet Lime

Healthiest Summer Foods

Sweet lime is known as mousambi and also beneficial to get back the electrolytes and water, which lost due hot summer. In addition, it offers high amount of vitamin C, iron and copper. Sweet lime also helps to stop hyperpigmentation of skin, pimple, black spots and also help to remove sun tan. You make juice of a sweet lime and add little amount of sugar and salt.  So, sweet lime is the best Food for summer.

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