Soaked Almonds Better than Raw Almonds careinfo
Soaked Almonds Better than Raw Almonds careinfo

Soaked Almonds Better than Raw Almonds

Almond not only contains a high amount of nutrients and vitamin but also a real joy to cook with. Almonds are highly found and loved nuts. Everyone like to eat almond and most of eating almond. But generally people like to eat raw almond instead of soaked almond, but truth is that the Soaked Almonds Better than Raw Almonds. You can also put the slice of almond over some tasty kheer, toast almond to make a soft & air light soufflé. In fact, you can also grind almond to make tasty badaami Korma.

History of almond

Almonds are first found in Iran, Turkey and also Afghanistan. After that almond extends out to the Mediterranean area, china, and Europe. Many people believe that they have been around for almost 19,000 years.  Basically, they grow on a tree in a fair green perforated cover. Almonds also have some historical importance. As per the history, both almond tree and almond characterized in the Old Testament. The almond branch was also verbal of in Exodus, which is the Moses story. In fact, in Egypt almonds were stuffed in all types of treasures such as jewelry, vases, cases and boxes also.

When it is connected to the tree, almond is known as “DRUPE”. However, not only almond but many other fruits are growing in a hard casing like prunes, olives and also apricots. There were also found on a tree.

Nutrient value of almond

Soaked Almonds Better than Raw Almonds

Almonds include vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and also dietary fibers. It is the great source of protein, as it helps you feel full for a long time. In addition, almonds contain high amount manganese. Manganese is very beneficial to strengthen bones and also to control blood sugar. Another Health Benefits of almond is helpful for the problem of blood pressure. It also helps function of nerve and muscle.

Reason for Soaked Almonds Better than Raw Almonds

Raw Almonds vs soaked almond

Soaked Almonds Better than Raw Almonds

Soaked Almonds Better than Raw Almonds not just only for good test, but soaked almond is also healthier than raw almond. So, if your mom gives soaked almond in every morning, then it is good for you and right choice. The first reason behind soaked almond are better than raw almond is Almond’s brown peel. Brown peels of Almond include tannin that slows down the absorption of nutrients. So, once you soaked almonds, you can easily remove the peel of almond. In addition, it also allows almonds to free all nutrients very easily.

Way to Soak Almond

To soak the almond, put the handful almonds in half cup of water. Now cover almond and also allow almond to soak for at least 8 hours. After 8 hours drain water and also peel off the almond skin. Now store up soaked almond in a plastic container. You eat & keep soaked almond for approximately one week.

Health Benefits of Soaked Almond

Soaked Almonds Better than Raw Almonds
  • Soaked Almonds help to hold back the growth of a tumor, as it contains flavonoids.
  • It also helps to decrease the birth defects, as for include folic acid.
  • Help to struggle from cancer: Soaked almonds also include the vitamin B17, which is very important to fight from cancer.
  • Contain a High amount of antioxidant: It also contains high amount Vitamin E, which as an antioxidant. It also slows down the damage of free which avoid inflammation and aging.
  • Good for Heart: Soaked almond also helps to slow down the level of bad cholesterol and also raises the level of good cholesterol.
  • Help to reduce weight: Almonds also contain monounsaturated fat, which reduces your appetite. It also feels you full for a long time. So, eat soaked almond as it helps to avoid binge eating and also help in weight loss.
  • Improve digestion: Soaked almond is beneficial to free enzymes that improve digestion system. It free enzyme lipase that helps digestion of fats.

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