10 Safety tips for children cell phones

Safety tips for children cell phones

Safety tips – More and more worrisome news related to the children and the consequences of their bad practices appear on the Internet. New trends such as sexting and lack of basic security knowledge on the part of victims and their parents make children the perfect target for harassment on the Internet.

10 Safety tips for children cell phones

With the following tips, we aim to help make the use of new technologies not a risk for our children. Share them with them, and be aware of the dangers. It’s not that we want them not to use the Internet; we just want to make sure they do not get any unexpected surprises.

How do I keep my kids Safety tips with cell phones?

10 Safety tips for children cell phones
  • Secure your Facebook account. The Facebook profile should only be visible to your friends, not to the friends of your friends and much less can be open to all. Check your settings periodically as Facebook sometimes updates and changes these settings.
  • Do not accept invitations from strangers on Facebook however tempting they may seem.
  • Do not post anything on the Internet unless you want everyone to know. Once in the network, you lose control completely, so you never know what hands you can reach.
  • Never give your address or phone number (unless your parents allow it, for example in the case of a shipment). Also, do not agree to meet a person you met online.
  • Use a password to protect your mobile or any other device you have. Block it when you do not use it.
  • Do not click on suspicious links. If something seems strange, ask your father or teacher.
  • If a friend sends you a message but it seems strange, or something you do not usually say, check it out before opening it. Another person may be using your account to send compromised messages that may infect you with something unpleasant.
  • Always close your connections. Never leave your Facebook account open or any other social network or website when you leave the computer. Always remember to click on “exit.”
  • Use strong passwords. In the following video, you can check some more tips.
Safety tips for children cell phones – watch here

  • Finally, if something smells strange to you, do not hesitate to say it. Talk to your parents or teachers, never stay silent since you may be making the problem worse.

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