Holi Safety Tips

Holi Safety Tips

Holi is very famous spring festival in India and Nepal with great joy. The Holi festival is also known as festival of love or festival of colours. This festival is celebrated on for two days on the Full Moon Day (Purnima) in the month of Falgun. First day of this festival is known as Choti Holi or Holika Dahan and second day is known as Dhuleti. Holi indicate the success of good over immorality. In this festival people meet to each other, play Holi and repair broken relations. In second of Holi people play Holi with colourful colors.  For that here we give the information about the Holi Safety Tips.So, let’s have a look….

The colors we use for Holi are made from herbs and flowers which is not harm to your skin. But now a day’s people use artificial colours which can cause various skin diseases like, irritation, rashes, eczema, itching, and dryness. These artificial colours also harm your hair, eyes and ears.

Safety Tips for Holi:

Skincare Tips for Holi:
Holi Safety Tips
  • First of all cover maximum part of your body. For this you can wear full sleeve clothes and trousers.
  • You can use Vaseline/mustered oil/olive oil/coconut oil on your body before play holi.This will help you to remove Holi colours easily.
  • Only use Natural colours like, kesuda flowers, turmeric, marigold flowers, tea leaves etc.This natural colours do harm your skin.
  • You can use tone before play Holi.This will help you to close the hole of your skin so that reduce the absorption and the damage.
  • Drink more and more water which helps to hydrate your skin.
  • If you feel irritation after using the colours then gently wash this part with chill water and after that apply moisturiser as well as calamine lotion.
  • This is one of the best Holi Safety Tips for your skin. You must wear sunglasses for protecting your eyes and must remove contact lenses before play Holi. If colours go inside in your eyes then instantly wash your eyes with chill water.
  • If you are patients of asthma or you have any allergy of dust then avoid play Holi with dry colours.
  • Use mild shops for your skin to remove Holi colours. Do not use Spirits, kerosene and petrol to get rid of stains.
  • For refresh your skin after playing Holi you can also use homemade face pack like, cream or curd face pack and gram flour face pack.
  • For your nail care in Holi you can use transparent nail polish. Do not rub your skin for remove colours and use facial cleanser for clean your face.
  • One of very important Holi Safety Tips for Skin is must use waterproof sunscreen.
Hair care tips for Holi or Holi Safety Tips for your Hair
Holi Safety Tips
  • First of to avoid hair damage you should tie your hair.
  • Before play Holi you should oiling in your hair and scalp with rosemary oil or coconut oil. After Holi you should wash your hair with mild shampoo and apply conditioner.
Other Important Holi Safety Tips:
Holi Safety Tips
  • Do not waste too much water. Instead of water you can use natural colours to play Holi.
  • Do not put colours on pet animals and street animal. Because it is very harmful to them.
  • Do not use your fingers for eating. Do not drink too much chill water and food. Drink lukewarm water.
  • Keep your car window close though you don’t have AC car.
  • Last but not least Holi Safety Tips is keep emergencies number contact list for emergencies.

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