Best Messaging Apps

Best Messaging Apps  

The use of Messaging Apps increase day by day. Generally many of us communicate with other via this apps.Generally mobile massaging is costly then this type of apps.Mobile technology grow day by day and that’s why it is possible to send fast and continuous messaging to our family, friends and colleagues. Today we talk about the Best Messaging Apps.This type of apps is very good medium for interactive communication. This apps various functionality like, voice calling, video calling, photo and file sharing and text messaging. There are many Messaging apps in mobile world. But here describe some of very famous apps which are best and famous among people.So, let’s have a look…

Most famous and the Best Messaging Apps:  


Best Messaging Apps

Whatsapp is very famous messaging apps among the people. It is run on Android,iOS,Windows and any other OS.This is one of the most suitable apps and more than 1 million people use this apps.This Whatsapp provide very good features like,

  • Easy to Install
  • Delivery of Message is very fast
  • Image compression before forwarding
  • Group Chat
  • Audio Calling
  • Video Calling
  • File and Contact Sharing
  • End to End Encryption for message privacy and security
  • Support GIF

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Best Messaging Apps

The Messenger or Facebook Messenger is very useful and famous messaging app of Facebook apps.This apps run on Android, Windows and iOS platform. The functionality of this app is different for various OS.Via Facebook Messenger app you can chat with your friend around the world. So, This app provide facilities like,

  • Chatting and group chatting
  • Media Sharing
  • Add contact
  • Video and audio calling

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Best Messaging Apps

The WeChat is one of the most popular apps in China and about to 700 million are there. WeChat Provide unique features to search nearby friend like, people nearby, friend Radar and shake. So, this App provide facilities like,

  • Photo sharing
  • Voice Calling and Video calling
  • Location Sharing
  • Test Messaging

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Best Messaging Apps

Just like other Messaging Apps Viber is also Most Favourite Apps .Viber is run and Install on iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian, Mac, Linux and other OS.So,let’s have a look the Viber functionality,

  • Calling
  • Text messaging, voice Messaging, Video Message
  • Provide end-to end encryption
  • Delete messages in case you change your mind
  • Send message in groups

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Best Messaging Apps

Line is very famous apps in Asia and more than 600 million people are Line users. It is just like a facebook your friends can comment on your posts in Line as well as this app has very good features of messaging apps.It is one of the Best Messaging Apps which provide good functionality.So,let’s look..

  • Group chatting
  • Call to landlines
  • Video and voice call
  • Sharing file and media
  • Message encryption

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Best Messaging Apps

The Hangouts is also refers as Google Hangouts and it is available on all Android, iOS device. It is set by default messaging Apps to your PC, Laptops, Android and iOS device. Google Hangouts provide a very good way to chat with family and friends but you must have a Google Account.So, let’s have look Hangouts features,

  • Share Photos and Gifs
  • Make video calls as well as Group Call
  • Group Chatting

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Best Messaging Apps

The use of Snapchat is increase day by day among youth and celebrities. It is just like other messaging apps but it also provides facility to edit photo.So, let’s have look other features of Snapchat

  • Sharing photos and video
  • Send snap to your friends
  • Funny filters for your video snaps
  • Photo editing

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