Tragic Athlete Died while playing

Tragic Athlete Died while playing game

Sport is generally looking for fun, exercise, and entertainment, but some it can be very hypocritical and especially when the sport has high competition, accident case.  Injuries are very common in the sports world. In fact, some sports injuries many causes Tragic Athlete Death. So here we provide the list of Tragic Athlete Died during playing game. There are many Athlete who died during playing, but from that here we provide the list of Top 8 Tragic Athlete Died while playing.

Tragic Athlete Died during game

Bill Masterton, Hockey player

Tragic Athlete Deaths while playing game

The Tragic Athlete Died during the playing hockey between the Minnesota North Stars and the Oakland Seals. Bill Masterton fell backward and also hit his head on the ice. He died after 30 hours of he fell backward. Bill Masterton was died due to “Massive Injury in Brain”. He was the first hockey player who died during playing hockey in the NHL history.

Malik Joyeux, Surfing

Tragic Athlete Deaths while playing game

Joyeux was death in December 2005 at a competition in Honolulu. This is also one of the Tragic Athlete Died during the surfing. His death due to the Banzai Pipeline reef breaks, so this famous surfer lost the going speed into a big wave. In fact, beat its lip when try to recover. The wave broke this board and also sent 24 year old Joyeux underwater. The body of his found after 15 min on a beach approximately 100 yards away.

Wouter Weylandt, Cycling 

Tragic Athlete Deaths while playing game

 Wouter Weylandt was death in 2011 during Giro d’Italia. He died during the third stage of the road race. He was death because he looks back over this shoulder at trailing riders as he moves towards a slight left bend. So, his foot and pedal of bike struck an actual guardrail and he moved swiftly in an uncontrolled way across the road and also hit on another blocked road.

Nodar Kumaritashvili, Luge

Tragic Athlete Deaths while playing game

The Tragic Athlete Died while practice run at the track in Whistler on the day of opening ceremonies of sport. He was near to finish line, bit he lost control and went over the wall and also slammed into a metal barrier that was unpadded. Nodar Kumaritashvili died on the way to the hospital. He was death at 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver caught the world off guard.

Raman Lamba, Cricket

Raman Lamba was famous and also old Indian cricketer. He was death in 1998 at the age of 38 years. Tragic Athlete died because a ball hit him during a cricket tournament. His head caused many brain injuries, so after three he died.

Becky Zerlentes – Boxing of women    

Tragic Athlete Deaths while playing game

She was first female boxer died in the ring. Zerlentes was a 34-year-old female boxer as well as a college teacher. Tragic Athlete Died in 2005 during the boxing in a Golden Gloves fight in Denver. Zerlentes hit through a punch on a front of a head from Heather Schmitz. In addition, she was former regional Golden Gloves Champion, fell to the mat and also never get back to realization.

Peter Biaksangzuala

Tragic Athlete Deaths while playing game

23-year-old great Indian football player died during playing football on 19th October 2014. Tragic Athlete Died due to cruel spinal cord injury later than try to celebrate a goal by doing a forward roll. Peter played for Bethlehem Vengthlang FC, Midfielder Biaksangzuala lost his life in third tier MPL (Mizoram Premier League) sport in 2014.

Kim Hyung-Chil, Equestrian  

Tragic Athlete Deaths while playing game

47 year old, Kim Hyung-Chil died in 2006 at Asian Games. The horse of South Korean rider, Bundaberg Black, jumps over a fence at an inappropriate moment and fell crushing him.

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