Score High on Fashion in Low budget

How to score high on fashion in a shoestring budget – Score High on Fashion in Low budget

Who doesn’t like clothes. Like can there be anybody who doesn’t go crazy looking at clothes. I won’t quote that total population is crazy for clothes, there are few who are not so tempted for clothes. But in either case, nobody would ever live without buying clothes. Whether it is buying once a month or once every week, clothes do cover a major part of our savings.Now the part which draws concerns is how to balance between being a fashionista and managing your expense health.Here we have tried to list some tips and tricks for Score High on Fashion in Low budget which can eventually help you to be a fashion head turner in a subtle way without making your account grow thinner and thinner.

Tips for score high on fashion in Low budget:

  1. Not a penny less, not a penny more

This often happens with everybody. If you go to a shop and your eyes falls on a dress which is extremely beautiful and on going nearby you get the shock of your life looking at the price tag. The figure written is amazingly on the high side which can end burning hole in your pocket. And all you do is walk away keeping a high rock on your mind, convincing self,giving all same reasons it was not so good.

Then later you walk ahead and end up buying clothes which is much cheaper than the beautiful dress you had lost your heart on. And here you go, buying more clothes and the amount added crosses the cost of the one dress which you had bought in your imagination.

Score High on Fashion in Low budget

You may consider it to be plus on your side, but in real it is a loss. We often think instead of buying something expensive, buying something which is much cheaper will be worthy. In case of clothes it is not the truth. It’s the biggest mistake for you to think so in this context. You may have bought much more clothes than contemplated but it will often fail you in terms of quality and reliability.

The first trick in Score High on Fashion in Low budget is to buy something which is best in quality even if it is a bit expensive rather than buying 10 clothes costing less but failing in terms of quality.

  1. Best out of waste

    Score High on Fashion in Low budget

Now comes the big bonanza. As known fashion changes every minute and what if you can create your own fashion statement by using the resources already available to you? Do you have an old dress that still looks bright. Then all you have to do is mismatch and redesign, having an all new dress that is not only economical, you also have a new dress with you to flaunt, becoming the ultimate Fashionista.So,it is one of the very good tips for Score High on Fashion in Low budget.

  1. Look through your wardrobe

    Score High on Fashion in Low budget

Take some time on a lazy holiday and look into your wardrobe. You may end up tossing out clothes which are ill-fitting or over fitting. After this is done, look at these dresses that you have discarded and tossed out can be of very much use to you. How can that be. So, well just look one more time at those clothes and see if they are in best of their shapes, only not fitting your shape, it can very well be altered according to your choice.

This would be economical and help you score high on both managing expenses or Score High on Fashion in Low budget and being fashionable.

  1. Science of mismatch

    Score High on Fashion in Low budget

If you have a black dress you can couple it with a scarf and an earring making a mismatch and creating a whole new fashion statement and scoring brownie points in using money wisely.So,try this thing.

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