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Rare Ice shine like Diamonds Found in Japan

A huge lumps spread on a beach at Tokachi River’s mount on Hokkaido.  Hokkaido is the second largest island of Japan. This Rare Ice shine like Diamonds under evening moon beams. In this Rare Ice Sprinkles like diamonds and glow like amber in a setting sun. At quick look, this sight look like a remnants of a huge gemstone heist gone incorrect. But, these shiny charms are only the ice chunks. Those ices discharge through the rivers and also tumbled through ocean waves. Rare Ice shine like Diamonds are known as Tokachi river ice, jewel ice or jewelry ice. In fact, these ices are look only here, in only at time of coldest winter.

Japan is not only popular for their cherry blossoms, but it also popular for its crystal clear ice block, which wash up only on their shores. These ice cubes are too much tantalizing as this Rare Ice Sprinkles like diamonds. Most of the people who has seen this ice, called them jewel ice or Tokachi river ice.

Scientific reports about the Rare Ice shine like Diamonds Found

Rare Ice shine like Diamonds careinfo.in

According to the report of the “Science Alerts”, the block of ice look sapphire hue or orange, according to the time of the day and also depend on the sky color.

According to the “Metro UK”, these ice cubes wash up on the Hokkaido’s shores at every winter, when the Tokachi River’s mouth Freezes up, which may causes the ice chunk to break and also float to Shores of Japan.

As per the Tourism of Japan, the ices look like diamond due to two reasons. The first one is “the water is slowly froze over time gives the time to clear up and also bubbles to float to the surface”. The ice are not trapped any bubbles and impurities, as result the ice become less opaque and also clear. And the second reason is “It can be due to the clarity and purification of water of Tokachi River”.  In fact, its composition is also same as snow crystals.

It has been going on for years. However, it was just in 2015, when the natural phenomenon was actually hyped up due to the photo posted on the media. Nowadays tourist gather in this area to watch the Tokachi river ice, before they melts in the sand. Hokkaido, Ice land of Japan is also boast of an ice flow attraction at the Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum and also festive of ice drift.

People who cannot go to watch this jewelry ice, they can enjoy this video. Watch this video to see this amazing ice shine like Diamonds which Found in Japan.

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