Betel Leaves benefits

Betel Leaves benefits for Health, skin and Hair

Everyone knows what is a Betel leaf. The betel leaves are generally use for chewing. The betel leaves are very important role play in the Hindu religion. It is used for the any Hindu tradition pooja and also important occasion.  Betel leaf is called in Hindi “Paan Ka Patta” and in Tamil its called “Tamalapaku”. Everyone knows the common use of betel leaf. But, today we discuss the medicinal uses for the betel leaves. The betel leaves are very beneficial for the heath, skin and hair. So, let’s look, how betel leaves are effective for health, skin and hair. Here, we explained 7 effective betel leaves benefits are given below:

7 Effective Benefits of Betel Leaves for Health, Skin and Hair

  1. Betel leaf helps in Cold and headache:

It is the very common problems for all. Everyone suffer from cold, cough and headache etc. So, at that time the betel leaves are work as antibiotics. The betel leaf help to ease phlegm and also reduce the inflammation caused during constant coughing.

Betel Leaves benefits

When you suffer from cold and cough problem, first boil the betel leave in water and then grind it. After that add a pinch of paper powder and dry ginger powder in it. For children above 3 years, 1 teaspoon is work well for good relief and for adults 2 teaspoon will help to feel relief in the cold and chest congestion.

When you suffer from headache, you can simply boil the leaves in the water and simply inhale the steam. You can also follow the other ways:  first take some fresh betel leaves and then boiled them in water after that grinding them. Now, add some drops of camphor oil and make the juice. Now, apply the juice on temples. Definitely, after some time you feel better from the headache. So, it is very good Betel leaves benefits against cold and headache problem.

  1. Betel Leaf for Skin:

The Betel leaf is also work as a antiseptic. The betel leaves are improve with anti – inflammatory properties its really good for acne. It have best anti bacterial property for kills the acne. So, because of anti – inflammatory properties the betel leaves benefits for the skin. With the help of betel leaf you can remove the pimple and get beautiful skin. For remove pimples on your face, you can follow these given below ways:

Betel Leaves benefits

First, you take some fresh betel leave, after boil the betel leaves in little boiled water. Add some pinch of turmeric powder. After that, make some thick and smooth paste. Then, apply it on your spots or pimples. Then after 5 or 7 minutes, wash your face. Apply this face pack daily. You can get the beautiful skin. So, it’s very good Betel leaves benefits for getting Glowing skin.

  1. Use as a Mouth Freshener

The betel leaves are useful for every problem. Here, the betel leaves are work as an anti – bacterial medicine. We are know the generally the people are crazy to eat the Paan after the dinner or lunch.

Betel Leaves benefits

So, for remove bad breath, you can chew betel leaves after meal. It helps to kill the germs in the mouth and also remove the bad breath. This is betel leaves benefits also for oral health.

  1. Betel Leaf helps to hair fall

The betel leaves also work as an Ayurveda medicine. You can use the betel leaves as a hair fall lotion. Everyone knows betel leaves easily get from the paan sellers. So, you can buy easily the betel leaves. If you are suffering from hair fall problem you can apply this given below ways. So, we can say that betel leaves benefits as an Ayurveda.

Betel Leaves benefits

First, take fresh betel leaves and boiled them in water. After that, grind them and make a paste. Then add coconut oil and sesame oil in the paste. Apply the paste in your scalp. After 10-15 min put it then, take shower and wash it off with a mild shampoo. Definitely, you can get result very soon.

  1. Fight with Body Odour:

The betel leaves are natural herbs. These are very beneficial for health. Betel leaves are helps to reduce the etching problem and also helps for the natural fragrance. You can use the following ways to remove the body odour.

Betel Leaves benefits

First, you take the fresh betel leaf and grind them, make the juice. Now, you add the betel juice in your bath water. It is help to detoxify your body internally.So; its very good betel leaves benefits against body Odour.

  1. It Help to Gastric Problem

The Betel Leaves are very effective for reducing the gastric pain. Now a days, many people are suffer in the acidity, gastric pain and any digestion problems. After the heavy lunch and heavy dinner, you can chew the betel leaf and also you can take the fresh betel leaves and grind them and make the juice. You can take 2 teaspoon after the lunch and dinner.

Betel Leaves benefits

You fill the relief and better in the acidity and gastric pain. The betel leaf benefits for increase the appetite.

  1. Helps in Weight Loss

The betel leaves are very helpful to loss the weight. Using this way you can loss your weight easily and naturally. So, you can try this natural way to loss your weight and get the perfect fitness. Follow this given below way for loss the weight.

Betel Leaves benefits

You can take the fresh betel leaves and put the 6-7 paper corns on it. After then, roll it and chewing it. It is very beneficial for your stomach. For better result, chewing the betel leaves daily about 8 weeks on an empty stomach. The betel leaves benefits for the improve the body’s metabolism.

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