The Main source of income is Prostitution

The Main source of income is Prostitution

A prostitute the word sometime this word is like Prostitution we just hear a just be embarrass… there are number of girls in India and this in world… Sometime we feel so dishonour of it… there are so many needy woman do this work without any interest .but what to do? How to stop it? Somehow is legal but still…its number of related activities, including kerb crawling, prostitution on a hotel. Pimping and pandering, soliciting in public place, owing of managing a brothel, are crimes. I can say that he business of the exchaPronge of sexual services for income. The famous states are here like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Gwalior, muzaffarpur, Varanasi, Nagpur and pune…

During the British people India Company’s rule in India in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the British people set up comfort zones for births troops wishing to make young girls and women into sex tools to satisfy the British soldiers who frequently set up their own prostitution rings. In the centuries of 19th and 20th, a number of girls and women from continental Europe and Japan were trafficked into British India, where they worked prostitutes British soldiers and also local Indian men.

Is prostitution legal in India….?

The Main source of income is Prostitution

As far as laws are troubled, prostitution in India is not illegal for each. However, Indian penal code states that convinced activities connected to this sexuality are flouting of law. They may be specifying as below:

  • Pimping
  • Pandering
  • Kerb crawling
  • Being an owner of a brothel or even running one
  • Soliciting such service at communal place
  • Carrying out such activities in hotels

Now the circumstances are such that the aforesaid activities are also essential to the profession itself. So, dose by prohibition them the India legal structure say that it is successfully illegal? That is a question that requirements to be pondered seriously.

Every main city in the country has a full – fledged neighbourhood that is packed of illegal brothels and c centres, generally popular recognize as Red light areas. Some of the popular red light areas in India included G.B. road New Delhi, sonagachi in Kolkata, and also kamathipura in Mumbai that houses number of sex workers.

The history of prostitution

The Main source of income is Prostitution

Those who connect this with our culture and regard as it as a forbidden should identify that it succeed in the very old are too. In those times, the tendency of nagarvadhu was practiced commonly by the prosperous who asked threes nagarvadhu (brides of city) to sing and also dance for enjoyment. Although, nagarvadhu were respected like a Queen or goddess in the city, she was also courtesan who pleased only the moneyed with her singing and dancing.

Inside southern part of India, there was another tradition that’s still established in Morden India called “devdashi”. However, whether these “devdashi” women pampered themselves into several kinds of sexual activities or not is fairly uncertain even today. These women were timed to be god’s servant who provided their life for the temples. Numerous historians whispered that these women were twisted interested in sexual activities as the temples became unfortunate when assailant attacked India and started demolish the temples. In short, that type of sexual activity isn’t’ something that started distribution in the Morden India, it was in tradition since the commencement.

Another age old classification called “chukri system” is also one of the most important causes for women finish due this activity to disburse off the amount overdue of their family. This is a kind of connection labor where the girls are also unnatural to work as prostitution devoid of pay for a year of longer as per the debts they owe to the brothel holder for food, make up, clothes and other living expenditure.

Generally, our Indian society background prostitutes absent considering them substandard or a forbidden when it is a obvious statement tha the humanity itself them. Also, to be taken note here is the reality that prostitution is not somewhat twisted by Morden India; it also common in the history as well.

In Morden India dissimilar category of prostitution is prevailing separately from this in brothel there are:-

  • Bar dancers
  • escort girls
  • Call girls
  • Street
  • Child
  • Beat
  • Road side brothel
  • Fricatrice
  • Religious
  • Gimmick

Here some reason why women are going for prostitution….

  • Early marriage and desertion
  • Social customs
  • Bad company
  • Prior incest and rape
  • Family background of this type of sexual activity
  • Economic causes included poverty and economic distress
  • Lack of recreational facilities, ignorance, and acceptance of this type of activity
  • Lack of sex education, media
  • Psychological causes included desire for physical pleasure, greed, and dejection

Reasons why women finish off in prostitution:

The Main source of income is Prostitution

According to a examination conducted in 1988 through each and every one Bengal women’s union in Calcutta ( it was previous to it was renamed to Kolkata) , out of 170 sex workers 159 women were introduce to the business of sex deal by mediator.

The breakdown of sex trade agents as per the study is as follows:

  • Aged sex workers from same village or locality
  • Neighbour in connivance with parents
  • Mother/ sister/ near relative in the profession
  • Neighbour as pimps ( guardians not knowing)
  • “Husband “( not legally married)
  • Unknown person/ accidental meeting with pimp
  • Husband ( legally married)
  • Lover giving false hope of marriage or job and selling to brothel
  • Close acquaintance giving false hope of marriage or job

So here only some of these women finish off in this type of sexual activity since of unhappiness or to take care of the monetary requirements of their family while several were forced or shady deal into this business in the name of presenting a good quality job, marriage or superior life…

The health problems cause due to prostitution like-

  • HIV
  • Psychological disorders
  • Cervical cancer
  • STD
  • Traumatic brain injury

In a country like India where generally of the people pander to themselves in insecure sex with prostitution it is extremely not easy to eliminate the problem of aids, where the sex labours are persevering their consumers for make use of condoms in order to stay away from aids.

According to me Conclusion:

Thus moreover shall make lawful prostitution which is the mainly appropriate action that can be taken or shall build such prevention laws as to bend the difficulty of compensation. Laws have to not be such as to immediately take away the prostitutes other than to modify the state of mind of people who are concerned in salaried sex through laborious them in such a behaviour that people of similar attitude will challenge to pander to themselves in comparable activities.