Prevent molestation women on public place…

Enough is enough every were heard news about molesting. There are so many questions, suggestion, save girls…. but no one is ready to go ahead and complaint about it, no protection from police. So it is very difficult for victim that where to go and get justice for victims. If police are not able to stop molestation, and day by day such cases are increasing. We all have to take some action come together and think how to stop it.

A girl cannot walk out of her home alone because she has a much fear of being molested. Because every day get news girls are face problems of molested each and every day. Criminal are wandering here without any fear. But what about girl? Girls are just being a like one subject every one take her exam and ask so many questions about crime. And blame her again and again like why you are going alone at night, doesn’t wearing a shorts dress. Wearing only salwar suit and cover you whole body. So what this all are thing stop molesting? It helping girls to stop molesting? No nothing will change till to we will not take any action together.

How to Prevent molestation women

I am really confused about all this type of crime….why? Actually my genuine questions for all boys why molestation? I really want to tell you all boys that a girl never wants such kind of low acts. And she will be never impressed. According to me if you are like someone than try to wining her heart by others ways. But stop molestation.

The word “molestation” is not particularly defined but may include violence, threats and harassment.

Molestation under the IPC {Indian penal code}…

Indian penal code under section 354, has been ratified a view to protect a woman against physical attack.  The object of the provisions as contained ss. 354 & 509, IPC is to protect women against indecent behaviour of others which is offenses to principles. These criminals are not only criminals against individual but alongside public morals and society as well.
To attract the provisions of sections 354 of IPC it is sufficient purely to show that the accused assaulted a woman.
IPC under section 354 is judge the physical attack of unlawful force to woman with the purpose to outrage her modesty. This offenses is judge fewer grim than rape.


For criminal a punishment is Two (2) years custody or fine or both.

A little strategy to prevent molestation

  • Don’t go alone in crammed full public place. Whether it is garden, a partying, in market even if you with somebody, even you know about the place is it safe place and if it is daytime. You have to be careful in nightclub and all parties’ celebration because it all places are packed with stranger’s people. It is probable that you might be touched incorrectly.
  • If you are leaving for movie of any show, this is the finest that he/man accompany you sits next to the man in the after that seat.
  • If you are grab anyone smirking at you and if you are perceive sound a vulgar remark, greatest avoid it if you area alone.
  • Try to avoid eye – contact to stranger men. Because some time is what happen when girl are normally talking with to the unknown men in strange here except it is a business exchange like in a shop or restaurant.

  • Do not go any situation travel in full bus. If you want to travel in local train only use the ladies section. But you should avoid travel in auto rickshaw or and cab alone in the mid of night. Travelling alone after mid night in any stranger cities is very unsafe for woman so better to avoid.
  • A hotel worker might actually want to give you facilitate, as part of the good facility of the hotel .But still be alert. If any service man trying to touch your breasts or crotch the imminently refuse the help. And just stay away from that place.
  • If you have to give money of receive change from annoy one, I signify to say a man whom you think could be escape, it is superior that you sensitively advise that they keep the change on the counter. If you are trying to do this no one will get offended.
  • Every woman who sits in any bistro alone or is in truth even walking alone is careful a fair intention by road- side Romeos. Through this I mean to say that there will be even joking. Once more I am not saying don’t do it. I mean to say that be alert to people next you.
  • If you are doing job or you are worker and when you are come back for home at night make sure you have faithful company and a motor vehicle with a trusted driver. There are so many cases of rape and molestation, and drivers have been involved in all types of cases. If you do get a well-mannered driver, best not to be friendly.

  • When you have to travel alone so you keep pepper spray with you at all times you may of course never require it. But still safe side for you.
  • Stay away from to a minute talk and discussion with cabbies, store – keepers or other stranger’s man. Don’t consent to nay man’s demand to capture his snap and never ask any man to capture yours snap. There is no way of significant whether the man wants to help or is drama. So keep away from this type of things.
  • It’s very bitter but this is the very truth this can come about to any girl or woman anywhere in any place of world. Like every where including the travel agencies, government, hotels, police station, this is the very fact that molestation is part and package of everyday life in everywhere in the world.
  • Even nobody is trying to know what the woman bear every day at the hands of prevents. This thing is happen all the time in all the cities, state, worlds. You know what accurately happens merely depends on opportunity the prevents get. It’s doesn’t Metter how the girls/woman dressed, how old she is, how she look. Every that the alter care about is that the victim is susceptible and that they aren’t trapped.

Recently one case of molestation of Bengaluru

Its very shame full and sensationalized molestation. Which one is assault on Wednesday, has found a major come through with the police of bengaluru city arresting four avoid while two are still at huge.
The girls were molested very poorly and it sounds as if a lot more girls were molested and seen crying on the side of the path. There are groups of men bounded the girls and did no matter what they could. And the police role is nothing and gives very unintelligent statements like this thing is not come about at one time. No one girl safe in all crowds’ area in any city in all over the worlds.
According to me there is enormous require to take some actions in the direction of calming men with their approach and behavior. At last just say the enough is enough stop molestation. Otherwise no on girl trust on any man….

So, please stop molestation…

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