Most Expensive Armored Cars Used By VIPs

7 Most Expensive Armored Cars Used By VIPs

The world is very big…. and everyone have them own dreams… so here we are talking about expensive cars lovers. Therefore famous person preferred choice of luxurious cars. But for some superstars, their reputation comes with the price of their own security. For this ground, there are some wealthy people who spend in expensive armored cars.

The required for armored vehicles approximately the world is increasing. Millionaire, who can present this expensive armored vehicles, they can by this one. In fact t also amplify your safety even if you are on the road. 7 most expensive armored cars in 2016 are cars which most likely wouldn’t have seen still yet in city.

Most Expensive Armored Cars in the world 

Today, world nowadays became more hazard since increasing kidnapping, terrorism and murders. So if you have millions of dollars and that person can purchase anything  then it is positive. That man has groups of enemies also because voracity of money can unsighted any human being in the world, so what are resolution of determine this problem.  So each and every one celebrity, politicians, plus lots of army officers for all time keep this kind of car for them, maybe the best quality of armored vehicles additional than the safety measures is their level of luxury other than there is problem that these are so much costly that only millionaires can paid for this.

Expensive armored cars are not in favour of normally persons since they are not just expensive. However, will also clear your pockets as their safeguarding is also very expensive.

Here every VIPs have always required defence when they were out in public place. The threat to people like politicians, regal family members & celebrities regularly means that they will be escorted by security officers and bodyguards to help keep them secure. These high-priced vehicles or expensive armored cars used completely through the top members of society. It use to preventing each and every types of attack to hard self-protective measures that construct have built it to them.

7 Most Expensive Armored Cars Used By VIPs:

  • Dartz kombat T98
  • Conquest knight XV
  • Mercedes Benz S- Guard 600
  • Audi A8 security
  • BMW 750Li sedan
  • Lexus LS 460 L
  • Cadillac escalade ESV

Dartz kombat T98:

Most Expensive Armored Cars Used By VIPs

This wheeled armored vehicle built through kombat armouring, an auxiliary of Laura group, in St. Petersburg, Russia. The kombat is one of the fastest armored off- highway vehicles in world with a highest speed of 180 km/h T98. The cost of this expensive armored vehicles is 1.5 million dollars. It measured as most high-priced armored vehicle but there are many people don’t  know regarding the features & specifications. This vehicle is generally well-known and used by European princes as well as politicians of Russia. In fact, it featured as diamond – encrusted white gold gauges and gold – plated window adornment and also bullet proof & curative towards bombing attacks so provides absolute security of travellers.

Conquest knight XV:

Most Expensive Armored Cars Used By VIPs

Conquest vehicles 2008 presented knight XV at the specialty tools market organization in Las Vegas Nevada. The XV stands for “extreme vehicles”. The vehicle takes around 4,000 hours to build at the production facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Knight XV is generally powerful as well as heavy but also so much speedy vehicle. It also measured as most expensive armored cars that used as for superior defence as this vehicle from conquest vehicles, so according to company this vehicle has only one type. This vehicle cost is 629K dollars. It has also satellite TV, heated seats, bar on top of many others quality. This van has capability to guard in any dangerous circumstance such as firing, violence, bombing and others things also.

Mercedes Benz S- Guard 600:

Most Expensive Armored Cars Used By VIPs

The Mercedes-Benz s – class, previously recognized as sonderkalses, a sequence of flagship vehicles formed by the German automaker Mercedes- Benz, a separation of German company Daimler AG. The s-class designation for top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz models was formally introduced in 1972 with the W116, and has remained in use ever since.

Mercedes –Benz-s-Guard is the armored version of the legendry S – class. Benz s- guard is the most famous armored car in the marketplace. Maintenance their elegant design the s- class provides the security which cannot compromised. Mercedes Benz shaped s- Guard 600 in an effort to enter the armored vehicle marketplace. While, anybody desiring to buy one will have to have further than a $ 1 million useful. It is extremely expensive thank to its capability to repel sniper fire and a multiplicity of projectiles, such as rocket- propelled grenades.

Audi A8 security:

Most Expensive Armored Cars Used By VIPs

 This one van is also very unique everyone have dream to seat in this van once in life. German automaker Audi manufactured and promoted a four –door, full-size, luxury sedan, Audi A8 since 1994. Subsequent the Audi A8, and now in its 3rd age group, the A8 has been offered with either front – or permanent all –wheel drive and in short – and long – wheelbase variants. The first 2 age group employed the Volkswagen group D platform, with the present age group deriving from the MLB stage. Following the original model’s 1994 liberate, Audi released the 2nd generation in late 2002, and the 3rd and present iteration in late 2009.

Audi A8 safety as from name of this car that completely protected as well as armored vehicle. But, appealing to know that this is normally not looked that of armored since of its stunning design so it is stiff  for people to observe this car as armored. But this vehicle is completely authentic as well as authorized by German ballistics testing centre that this vehicle is particularly made of aluminium alloys consequently. This expensive armored cars is completely bullets proof  and also ballistic values. That’s way according to Audi that this been made in protected areas beneath extremely experienced workers consequently 400 hours are obligatory  to made this car. In addition windows of this car finished of splinter-inhibiting polycarbonate layers to stay it from explosives so instead of this has lots of quality like smoke detector, siren so price of this master piece is 700K dollars.

BMW 750Li sedan:

Most Expensive Armored Cars Used By VIPs

The BMW 7 series is full-size luxury sedan shaped by the German automaker BMW since 1977. It descendant to the BMW E3 “new six” sedan and is at presently in its 6th age group. 7 sequence is BMW’s flagship car and is only accessible as a sedan or extended-length limousine. As it is been cleared on or after the name of this vehicle BMW which is for all time so much costly since of its features, engine. In fact, BMW 750 has very strong machine that is of 400 horsepower which able this incredible vehicle to be additional speedy and also powers to bring hundreds of pounds of ballistic steel.

There is lots of armored vehicles just guard only back seat too driver seat which made security of person 100%. So, BMW 750Li is for all time so much well-known for protection. But the cost of this master piece is also according to its popularity that is about 350K dollars.

Lexus LS 460 L:

Most Expensive Armored Cars Used By VIPs

Lexus LS 460 L is well-known vehicle which has dozens of luxurious too armored features. This vehicle is manufactured and designed by INKAS which are famous. It also well known for manufacturing armored vehicles consequently. Lexus LS 460 L have such a huge multiplicity in marketplace of this van is so much heavy on top of so fast since the machine can mix out 389 horsepower with an eight speed mechanical transmission so in place of this is has also withstand bullets grenade blast of the travellers cabin. This vehicle is not famous since this unusual so fewer number of people uses this because cost of this vehicle. It is also so much high almost equal to 300K dollars other than this. So, Lexus LS 460 L is high standardized vehicle for safety in addition to luxurious function.

Cadillac escalade ESV:

Most Expensive Armored Cars Used By VIPs

Cadillac escalade is also well-known design in addition to costly armored vehicle that used merely through the millionaires. As Becker automotive design secure no such costs to make the interior the stature of luxury as features included wood trim, state of the office equipments, leather upholstery in addition to huge screens which are also so flat. Consequently expensive armored cars designed to make safety complete proof in addition to give additional luxury for users. In fact, manufactures add ballistic defence approximately the external through steel and also 40 mm glass that can undergo bullet fire. Even there are lots of other features which additionally used for better protection. So, the price of this incredible designed armored vehicle is 359 thousand dollars so measured as most expensive armored cars.

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