Cancer fighting smoothie

Cancer fighting smoothie to control blood pressure

Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of cell, which has a tendency to proliferate in an uncontrolled method to spread. In fact, it is group of more than 100 different and also distinctive health issues. It also involves any cell of body and also has different forms in any area of body. Cancer is dangerous life threading health issue in today. Eating healthy food and drink healthy drink is best way to fight from any health issue. So here we provide Cancer fighting smoothie, which Broccoli Smoothie. Broccoli includes anti-cancer property. In fact, it also contains phytochemical that can help to decrease the cancer chances.

Broccoli also contain indole-3-carbinol and also contain an anti carcinogen agent. Anti carcinogen agent also help to decrease the prostate cancer and breast cancer growth. Broccoli is also very high in potassium. Potassium is also beneficial to control blood pressure. In fact, it is also high in fiber which reduces cholesterol and also decreases high blood pressure. This Cancer fighting Broccoli smoothie is very beneficial to control blood pressure. You can read below content to make Broccoli smoothie which fight from cancer and also to control blood pressure.

Below is the Recipe of Cancer fighting smoothie

Cancer fighting smoothie

Ingredient for smoothie that reduce Cancer

  • fresh broccoli – 100 gm
  • water – 100 ml
  • lemon juice – 2 tablespoon
  • raw honey – 1 tablespoon
  • green apple – 1

Direction to make Cancer fighting smoothie

  • Wash broccoli and apple, and then cut then into small pieces.
  • Now, Take one blender and put all ingredients into blender.
  • Now add lemon juice in this and also add some water.
  • Finally, blend all ingredients until you get smoothie mixture.
  • Now take this smoothie into cup.
  • You can also add honey to taste.

Health Benefits of Cancer fighting smoothie

  • Beneficial for eye: Broccoli contains too much beta-carotene that is very beneficial to protect your eye from macular degeneration. In fact, it also beneficial to make your eyesight healthy.
  • Helpful for Constipation: Broccoli also contains high amount of fiber. 1 cup broccoli (steamed) contains 5 gm fiber. It is very beneficial for digestion system and also to cure constipation.
  • Decrease aging: Broccoli include one element known as DIM (Diindolylmethane). Diindolylmethane is responsible for the reduction of aging process and also improve life extension.
  • Clean Toxin from body: It also one of the best detoxifier as, it contain vitamin C, sulphur, and also amino acids that is very helpful to clean free toxins and also radicals from body.
  • Reduce deficiency of Iron: It is general reason of anemia during pregnancy. Broccoli contain high amount of vitamin C and also iron that is very beneficial to reduce anemia.
  • Weight loses: 1 cup cooked broccoli includes approximately 40 calories that is very beneficial to weight lose.

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