New AIDS Vaccine Trial - “The Final nail in coffin” for this Disease

Scientist launches the New AIDS Vaccine Trial in South Africa– The “The Final nail in coffin” for this Disease

The main clinical test of an experimental New AIDS Vaccine was launched by South Africa and also scientists which that it can be the “Final nail in the coffin” for this health issue. The Scientist of the whole world is trying to make an effective Vaccine for AIDS/HIV have not borne fruit from more than 30 years. But the foremost time from the virus was found in 1983, the scientist said that they found the vaccine against AIDS.

HVTN 702

New AIDS Vaccine Trial - “The Final nail in coffin” for this Disease

This latest study was named as HVTN 702. It engages greater than 5,400 male and female which are sexually active and they are aged between 18 to 35 in different 15 areas of South Africa over four years.

The New AIDS Vaccine is one of the major clinical experiment, which involving the AIDS always undertaken and also has invigorated expectation of getting through in the fight against AIDS.

The director of the NIAID (US National institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases), Anthony Fauci is also participating in this study. In fact, he said that “The New Vaccine for HIV can be the last nail in the coffin for AIDS and HIV if deployed together with a recent armoury of established HIV/AIDS prevention tools”. In fact, the “Reasonably successful Vaccine to fight AIDS can notably reduce the HIV disease load over a time in some countries which have a high number of people with HIV infection, just like South Africa”.

Way to Prevent AIDS/HIV Transmission

New AIDS Vaccine Trial - “The Final nail in coffin” for this Disease
  • Mainly HID/AIDS is transmitted through the individuals infected blood and sexual fluids, so the use of “Condom” is the one the way to stop the HIV/AIDS transmission.
  • In some developed countries, some people use virus-suppressing medicine to prevent aid and also the protection level provide by this medicine is not clear.

However, the Mmapule Raborife said that the “above method to prevent AIDS was not working”. Mmapule Raborife is the community advisors of HIV Vaccine Trials Network in the Soshanguve’s big city, north of administrative capital Pretoria.

The Medical Research Council President of this country, Glenda Gray said that “The New AIDS Vaccine is very critical for this country”.

In South Africa “An approximately 1,000 people are infected by HIV in every day”, and most infected people are young, South Africa must require the Drug to prevent AIDS/HIV.

About New AIDS Vaccine Trial

This New AIDS vaccine has been modified for the HIV-infected patient in South Africa and also used in the test of 16,000 people in Thailand in 2009. As result, it reduces the infection chances by higher than 30 % for 3 and the half year after the 1st jab.

Protection of this New AIDS Vaccine was experienced effectively over 18 months on 252 volunteers. And the motive of this test is killing the AIDS virus. It acts through leading the body to react with germ combating antibodies when HIV virus attacks. However, the virus which is causing due to AIDS is silent and also fast to transform, so you avoid must being targeted to AIDS virus.

The lead HIV Vaccine investigator Glenda Gray said that “If they have 50 % effectiveness, then they consider that the New AIDS Vaccine is an effective drug”. She also said that “It could take 5 to 10 year to range up development and they required money to take it at a world level”.

The head of HIV virology section at NICD (National Institute for Communicable Diseases) of South Africa said that “vaccine can be a game changer, but the result of this test will need years”. In fact, they carry on using another tool to prevent HIV to decrease the cases of HIV infection and especially for the important population like youthful women.

UNAIDS display that Approximately 23 million people, which are infected by HIV are used anti retroviral drugs, a number which had twice in 5 years.