Aspirin Benefits for your Skin and Hair

Aspirin Benefits for your Skin and Hair

Aspirin is well known for painkiller and fever cures.  It is a common medicine that has several uses, from relieving pain to decreasing the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Aspirin comes in various forms including tablets and pills. Furthermore, it is a NSAID (Non steroidal anti inflammatory drug) that has anti inflammatory, pain relieving and antipyretic effects. And besides preventing fevers and pain, this medicine has several other uses. There are many ways to use aspirin, including hair and skin problems. Regular uses of aspirin offers a glowing and healthy skin. So, here we provide the information about Surprising Aspirin Benefits for Skin and Hair.

Surprising Uses of Aspirin that you must know

Remove Dandruff
Aspirin Benefits for your Skin and Hair

One of the amazing aspirin benefits is that ability to remove dandruff.  If you have dandruff problem and desire to remove it, use aspirin. Aspirin contains moisturizing qualities and salicylic acid which helps get rid of dandruff by exfoliating the scalp.

Crush two or three aspirins into a powder and combine it with a normal amount of shampoo. Then rinse the hair with the mixture and massaging it onto the scalp. Leave it in for about few minutes and then wash the hair with a mild shampoo.

Removes calluses on the feet
Aspirin Benefits for your Skin and Hair

Another uses for aspirin is that ability to removes calluses on your feet. Aspirin has mild exfoliant that can help eliminate dead skin cells as well as keep the feet soft to treat the formation of calluses and corns.

Prepare a paste by mixing 2-3 crushed aspirin, two tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Then apply the solution to the affected area and wrap the foot in a warm cloth & cover it. Leave for about ten minutes and exfoliate the affected areas with pumice stone.

Prevents Pimples and Acne
Aspirin Benefits for your Skin and Hair

Another aspirin benefits includes its ability to prevent pimples and acne. Aspirin contain salicylic acid that helps treat pimples and acne by eliminating dead skin cells and oil. It also helps in decreasing inflammation.

First, grind two aspirin tablets and combine them with some lemon juice or plain water. And then apply this mixture to the pimples or acne. Then leave it on for about few minutes before rinsing off thoroughly.

Alleviates Insect and Mosquito Bites
Aspirin Benefits for your Skin and Hair

Another most effective aspirin uses includes its ability to alleviate insect and mosquito bites.  Aspirin contains powerful anti inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling caused by insect and mosquito bites. It can also provide soothe to skin itchiness, redness and also burning sensation.

Crush some aspirins tablets into a powder. Then add a little water to prepare a paste. Then apply this paste to the infected area. Leave it on for about a few hours. Wash it off with warm water.

Repairs damaged Hair
Aspirin Benefits for your Skin and Hair

One of the aspirin benefits for hair is that ability to repairs the damaged hair. For shiny and healthy hair, dissolve a few of aspirins in a cup of lukewarm water and then apply to clean hair. Leave for 10 – 15 minutes and then wash your hair.

Eliminates Skin Spots
Aspirin Benefits for your Skin and Hair

One of the amazing beauty benefits of aspirin is eliminates skin spots. It contains a fat soluble element used in making of lightening creams and also skin cleansers.

Combine 5 – 7 uncoated aspirin pills with one tablespoon of honey and three tablespoons of yogurt. Then apply to the face and leave the paste for about 10 to 15 minutes. It gives a slight peel effect, preventing the pores, decreasing scars & stains.

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