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5 Alcoholism Stages: The way to addiction

The Alcoholism stages are not defined by the concentration of alcohol of blood. Alcoholism is become progressive when this habit becomes more critical over a time. The alcohol progress speed is different for all and also some people go down into habit before make a decision to get help. It is a habit which causes due to the imbalance of physiological or psychological. And as result drinker loos the control and physical dependence and also has craving. This alcoholism is progress in the five stages, which I discus in this blog.

1st Alcoholism Stages: Abuse of Alcohol during occasion
5 Alcoholism Stages careinfo.in

The early stage of alcoholism is a basic testing of alcohol. At this stage drinkers are new to various form of alcohol and also probable test their limits. Generally you found young adults at this stage. At this stage drinker are not frequently drink, they are drinking extremely high amounts of alcohol at time. Below are characteristic that you drink high amount of alcohol.

  • Man drinks five or more than five alcoholic drink in two hours.
  • Women drinks four or more than four alcoholic drink in two hours.

Sometime drinkers go beyond this level. It is true especially for teens. Teens are going beyond this level when they attend parties. Overdo drinking can be safe if you only drink occasionally, however is also not good. Consuming high amount of alcohol at time is very harmful for you, because sometime it may causes death.

2nd Alcoholism Stages: Raises the amount of drinking alcohol
5 Alcoholism Stages careinfo.in

At this level of alcoholism drinkers go beyond the experimental Alcoholism stage and they start drinking alcohol every day. Drinker is start drinking alcohol at every weekend, rather than drinking only at occasion or party.

Drinker drink high amount of alcohol due to below reason:

  • To fight from stress
  • Due to get together with friends
  • To battle aloneness or depression
  • To get out of dullness

Normal use of alcohol is different from moderate alcohol drinking. Moderate drinking may involve pair of wine glass at the eating time, but the frequent drinking involves drinking alcohol until they feel well in normal. When they increase alcohol consumption, they become more dependent on alcohol and also raise chances of developing alcoholism.

3rd Alcoholism Level: Drinking uncontrolled alcohol
5 Alcoholism Stages careinfo.in

Uncontrolled drinking of alcohol finally causes problem drinking. When the drinking alcohol become problematic, it is known as “problem drinker”, which means drinker feel the effect of drinking alcohol.

At this stage you become more nervous, more depressed face problem in sleeping without drinking. When you drink high, you feel sick and also enjoy the effect of drink. At this level drinker may drive and drink and also fell legal problem which causes due to high drinking.

Below is the effect of too much drinking on your social life:

  • Due to unpredictable behaviour, decreased the social activity
  • Unexpected change in friends
  • Problem in relationship
  • Have problem when you talk with stranger
4th Alcoholism Stage: Drinker totally depend on alcohol
5 Alcoholism Stages careinfo.in

Basically Alcoholism has two faces one is addiction and dependence. Drinker may be alcohol dependent, however not up till now addicted.

At the dependence stage drinker drink alcohol in their daily routine. Drinker is very well aware about the side affect of alcohol, but he/she loos the control on drinking alcohol.

The sing of dependence drinking

  • Problem of sweating
  • A race heart
  • Feel some irritability
  • Body tremble
  • Have nausea which is related to hangover
  • Find problem in sleeping
5th alcoholism stage: Become alcoholism and addiction
5 Alcoholism Stages careinfo.in

Addiction is the final alcoholism stage. At the final stage of alcoholism, drinker doesn’t want to drink for only pleasure. You can find alcohol addiction through several sing like psychological or physical requirement of drinking.

Those people are physically craving the substance and are also heartbroken yet they drink again.  They can also enthusiastic to other drugs.