stop your period

Amazing way to stop your period early

Period is the regular part of women’s life and also it depend n the person, a period of women cannot last everywhere from three to seven days. Many from us don’t like menstrual due to several problem, which occur when you are in period. Those problems are back pain, headache and also cramping. But period doesn’t come at time, which is convenient for you, so sometime you need to stop your period. So here is some way to shorten your period. Those ways can reduce both pain and length of period. You need to stop your period for various reasons for example when you go for vacation, planning, romantic weekend getaway.

Those home remedy to stop period can help you to shorten your period early or postpone period. The duration of menstrual cycle is 28 to 29 day. The length of your period cycle is calculated from date of first your period of the next period.

Natural way to stop your period

Stop your period using Lemon

stop your period

Juice of lemon is know to postpone your period and to shorten your period, depend on when you have it. Lemon is an acidic juice, which help to detox your body and also beneficial to uterine lining shed faster. Add lemon juice in one glass of water and drink it when you want to stop period.

Apple Cider Vinegar to postpone period

stop your period

Apple Cider vinegar is beneficial to flushes out toxin from body and also decreases the flow of blood. You can add 2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar into one glass of water. Now drink three to four glass it, at tine if month. It is best way to stop your period.

Gelatin to stop your period

stop your period

Gelatin water is also another way to stop your period. If you required then drink gelatin water after a few hours. To make gelatin water, take one glass of water and add small packet of gelatin. It is used in Chinese medicine to cure too much bleeding and also used to stop your period.

Essential oil

stop your period

Clary sage is very helpful to relax your muscle and also relax uterine muscles. Lavender oil is also other home remedy to stop your period. It will relax nerves and also beneficial to decrease stress level. Add 6 drop of sage oil, 2 to 3 drop of almond oil and 6 drops of lavender oil and it very well. Now massage pelvic and abdominal area with this oil. Massage it until your skin absorbed into skin.

NOTE: If you are prone to seizures or epilepsy then never use it.

Green Beans

stop your period

It is also best diet to stop your period. Green beans contains high amount of calcium and it is very beneficial to decrease the menstrual pain. Good and balanced food is affect to your menstrual cycle.


stop your period

Ginger contain anti inflammatory property, which interfere with the prostaglandin development. This hormone can release during the menstruation and also causes uterus to expel its lining tissue. To delay in menses, it also use in Chinese medicine. To make this ginger tea to stop period soak ginger piece in hot water.  After some time strain this water and add honey in it.

Raspberry tea to stop your period

stop your period

Raspberry is the great source of minerals and vitamin which are very important for women. Eating Raspberry is very beneficial during pregnancy. Raspberry has an astringent property and also it is a uterine relaxant. Those properties will decrease the flow of period. You can drink raspberry tea. To make raspberry tea boil raspberry leaves in water, leave it to cool. After that strain and also drink this raspberry tea.

Coconut oil

stop your period

Coconut oil contain high amount of fatty acid and antioxidant. It helps to regulates menstrual cycle and also decrease the flow. Ingest oil in one big gulp. And also you can add coconut oil into hot tea, in case you don’t like taste.

Angelica Root

stop your period

Angelica root is known as “Female ginseng”. Root of Angelica is very useful to cure period problem. Angelica is an old Chinese remedy which is used to temporarily stop menstrual flow. It is also beneficial to maintain hormones in female and also stop your period. It is best way to delay your period time.

NOTE: Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding they never use it.