Plank Exercises for Ab Cracks

Plank Exercises for Ab Cracks

Ab Crack is the new fitness trend for the next generation. A single vertical line down the middle of your stomach is known as Ab Crack.  Those who desire to have ab cracks, then you can try these plank exercises that will flatten the stomach. Planking is a type of a workout which strengthens the core muscles and also increasing the strength. The plank is best exercises for flat stomach but it also works the hamstrings and glutes, improves balance and also supports proper posture. Moreover, there are many benefits of doing planks, including relieve back pain, improve posture and balance, and increase flexibility.

The greatest part of planking exercise is that it can be performed anywhere at our own comfort.  It is a form of static workout that needs you to stay in some particular position for a specific amount of time. In addition, you can try various types of plank variations for flat abs. If you want ab cracks in a short time, then planking exercises is the excellent option. So, here we provide the Best Plank Exercises that will tone your abs.

Plank Exercises for Flat Stomach

Plank Exercise on Forearms
Plank Exercises for Ab Cracks

Forearms plank is one of the best ab exercises.  It enhances the stability of your shoulders and also targets the abdominal muscles. The forearms plank is an isometric core strength workout which maintaining one position for longer period of time.

To do this forearms plank, first put the forearms on the floor with your elbows aligned below your shoulders and arms parallel to your body at shoulder width apart. If flat palms trouble the wrists, then grasp the hands together.

Straight Arm Plank Variation
Plank Exercises for Ab Cracks

The straight arm plank exercises for building the inner core muscles as well as increase your flexibility of the posterior muscles.

In this plank variation, your hands are positioned under your shoulders. Support the body weight using the hands & toes. Then your hands must be placed at the shoulder width and your back should be kept straight. Stay in this plank position for about few minutes.

Plank with Knee Twist
Plank Exercises for Ab Cracks

This is also one of the best plank exercises for flat stomach.  The twisting knee plank variation targets the anterior deltoids, erector spinae and abdominal muscles.

First, get into a push up position with the hands and feet shoulder width distance. The body should form a straight line from the shoulders to the ankles. Then bend your one knee to 90 degree and bring it to the opposite elbow.

Elbow Lift Plank
Plank Exercises for Ab Cracks

This plank exercise connects the abs and your upper back muscles.  Plank with elbow lift is also one of the most effective flat stomach exercises.

First, get into a push up with the shoulder width distant and your hands under the shoulders. With abs connected, grasp upper back muscle whereas drawing the left elbow back & up. Then slowly straighten the arm back to the ground.

Dolphin Plank Exercises
Plank Exercises for Ab Cracks

The Dolphin plank pose works your shoulders, back and abs. It also helps in strengthening your spine muscles and improves your posture.

To do this exercise, put the palms flat on the floor, in front of the head. Lift the hips in the direction of the ceiling and the body have to take the triangle shape. Stay in this position for a few minutes and breathe out while the knees touch the floor.

Side Plank
Plank Exercises for Ab Cracks

Side plank is also one of the popular plank exercises.  It involves the leg muscles, gluteus and hips, therefore these parts will get toned.

First, hold the body straight and lie down on the side. Then prop on the lower elbow and lift the body in a way that only the lower foot and elbow are touching the ground.  And continue in side plank position for about few minutes.

One Legged Plank Variation
Plank Exercises for Ab Cracks

Planking on single leg is a middle plank exercises and also tough to hold plank formation. This is type of plank that challenges the balance.

To perform this variation, get into the straight arm plank variation and then raise the right leg up.  Then hold it in this plank position for about some time & bring it down.

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