You must Avoid Bad habit killing your back

You must Avoid Bad habit killing your back – 10 Bad habit killing your spinal cord

In today’s busy life everyone face one common health issue is back pain. During the busy lifestyle and also tight work schedule many from us have some bad habit killing your back. There are many reasons behind back pain for example Bad posture, lack of nutrient and vitamin in food, sit for too much time, Not doing exercise and do it in wrong way, driving in bad position, wearing high heel, Use laptop in Bad, lift weight in bad posture and also many other.

Human Back is really overlooked portion of the body. Back takes very vital roles which play by our body.  The spinal cord contains nerves which is connecting the nerves in body and human brain. Human back is known as highway to transforming the massages between different body part and brain. So, healthy spinal is very important for healthy body. In fact, for healthy back you avoid Bad habit that damage back.

10 Bad habit killing your back – Most Common Back killing Habit

Sit for long time without break:
You must Avoid Bad habit killing your back

Generally our body required normal movement, but people who work on desk and also not do any regular exercises. In this situation, setting more than 8 hours can be major causes of back pain. It is also most common Bad Habit killing you back.

Poor food:
You must Avoid Bad habit killing your back

Insufficient level of vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 can make your bones weak and also weak your nerves. Foods which are high in fat and sugar can also causes tenderness in body such as pack pain. It is also one of the Bad habits that damage back.

Poor posture:
You must Avoid Bad habit killing your back

Poor posture is also Bad Habit that harms your back. Bad posture can put stress on back and also damage muscles. Bad posture stress can change the back structure. Back’s poor posture triggers compression of nerves and blood vessels. After long time discs, joint and also paraspinal muscles which are containing the back become painful.

Too much use of phone:
You must Avoid Bad habit killing your back

When you do message, calling and also emailing on your phone can make pressure on neck and also tour all the method down your back. When we talk about poor position, phone makes it simpler for you to accept bad posture. That’s way it is also Bad habit killing your back.

Use uncomfortable foot wear and malalignment of foot:
You must Avoid Bad habit killing your back

High heel may force you to arch your back and also make your back muscles work harder. Shoes which are backless such as sandal can cause feet to move from side to side, along with to sinett that harm the weight of your body not uniformly and also can cause pain in back. So, wearing high heel is also habit that causes back pain.

Below are the other daily habits which kill your back

  • Do not practicing regular exercise.
  • Practicing exercises in wrong posture
  • Too much driving in bad posture
  • Work on laptops in bad
  • Pick up weight in irregular position