Biggest mistakes of yahoo

7 Biggest mistakes of yahoo

Yahoo’s Internet business is constantly making losses. This year, the company’s shares have declined 30 %. Now it has retreated from Alabama shares the experts are telling Biggest mistakes of yahoo . But Yahoo has many mistakes in the past. Let us know about these 7 Biggest mistakes of yahoo  / 7 Biggest mistakes of yahoo  today is on the verge of sinking.

  1. Google missed opportunities to buy

Google has two chances to buy Yahoo. The first chances come in 1997. He offered to buy Google for $ 10 million was rejected it is Biggest mistakes of yahoo . According to the book The Google Story and Yahoo did not want to divert traffic to your website. 5 years later the opportunity came again. By this time, Google’s net worth reached $ 5 billion. But Yahoo’s then-CEO Terry Simel Google offered to buy at only $ 3 billion, which was turned down by Google. Simel to offer the company’s advisers explained even better, but they did not agree.

  1. Facebook also filed to buy

In 2006 Facebook investor’s to sell yahoo interest. It’s billion -dollar was offered. Although the stock market price of the deal is fall because yahoo changed only $ 87.5 million. Therefore chairman mark Zuckerberg on Facebook deal had retreated.

3 Yahoo rejects Microsoft’s offer

Biggest mistakes of yahoo In 2008 Yahoo was the second largest search engine And Microsoft then-CEO Steve Volmr Yahoo tried to buy the search engine. Yahoo was then offered 44 billion dollars. However, Yahoo’s board considered it too low, while the analysts it was a big deal.

4 yahoos always confused

Yahoo’s earnings came from large sections of the add. By comparison, the software was not earning much. But Yahoo was like working style Tech Company. The company has always confused that she is a media company or a tech. A place he could not focus.

5 Rivamp been a failure

Former Vice President Marissa Mayer of Google products in 2012 made CEO of Yahoo. Who was responsible for the company’s Rivamp. The idea did not work, although their Rivamp. The company has so far only bought tumbler. In 2015, Yahoo shares have fallen by a third.

6 Did not update to Flicker

Yahoo’s Flicker photo sharing on the Internet before Facebook was the app. Flicker was also the most popular in the social sites. But Yahoo’s Flicker image sharing and confined and not adds new features. This was due to pull back flicker.

7 Tumbler also on the way to Flicker

Biggest mistakes of yahoo  In 2013 Yahoo bought in the tumbler a billion dollars. Yahoo once the deal has started to add on the micro blogging site. These users are very angry and are now diverted elsewhere.

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