Best Ways to deal with a Commitment Phobia

Easy Ways to deal with a Commitment Phobia

Easy Ways to deal with a Commitment Phobia

Commitment Phobia is a painful condition for who connects in pattern and for individuals who are engaged with that person. There are many reasons why people are afraid of commitment. Commitment Phobia occurs to both men and women. The main part is fear. Fear of emotional connection and closeness. In addition, Individuals who are commitment phobic experience they should stop their feelings after some point of knowing somebody as indicates of emotion in control and emotionally protected.

Commitment phobia may also take the form of confusing excitement with worry. There are various reasons for fear of commitment and to avoid getting emotionally engaged with another individual. Usually, the most common reason for fear of commitment is fear of having your heart broken. Some people who has had her heart broken many times than she can count, I almost understand being deal with a commitment phobia. So, Here are list of the 10 Easy Ways to deal with your Commitment Phobia.

How to Deal with a Commitment Phobia????

  1. Dating a commitment phobic partner

    Easy Ways to deal with a Commitment Phobia
  • Discuss your partner’s problem with commitment with your partner. Also, Be open and accepting of issues.
  • Even as your partner works toward becoming more accepting and less fearful of commitment, it will take time to unlearn behaviour.
  • That behaviour is like engrained deeply – time and energy need to work them out.
  • And, If your partner does not see fit to change his or her behaviour and fears of commitment, evaluate that behaviour.
  • Be supportive but not smothering.
  1. If you feel have a Commitment Phobia yourself

    Easy Ways to deal with a Commitment Phobia
  • Engage in the current moment: Be right here, right now with the person in front of you.
  • Know and accept that nothing or no one is perfect.
  • Become aware of how your parents did it and also find ways to do opposite.
  • Also, practice meditation regularly as a way to calm anxiety.
  1. Think through the early relationship to your parents

    Easy Ways to deal with a Commitment Phobia
  • How did they shape your thought around romantic relating?
  • Did one or both parents ignore your needs or try to impose their needs and desire upon you?
  • Is your fear around commitment an intrapsychic response to separating yourself from a parent of your childhood?
  1. Evaluate your complaint about your current lover

    Easy Ways to deal with a Commitment Phobia
  • Do your complaints centre on need and control?
  • Remember, you tend to choose narcissistic mates whose needs and desire either eclipse your needs or ignore them altogether.
  • It is not that your perception around your frustration are wrong, it’s more the intensity of your reaction that disclose your fear and works to undermine a relationship that may actually be good for you.
  1. Face up to your own neediness

    Easy Ways to deal with a Commitment Phobia
  • You can own rather than project onto your lovers negative ideas around having needs.
  • All of us have needs that come up in romantic relating.
  • This is what needs to successfully merge your life with another person.
  1. Become present to the ways that you distance yourself in relationship

    Easy Ways to deal with a Commitment Phobia
  • You become over critical, make mountain out of your mate’s flaws, or act narcissistically indifferent toward your partner’s need and desires.
  • Being mindful of these distancing behaviour give you a chance to choose another way to deal with your Commitment Phobia.
  1. Let Go of your Self Obsession

    Easy Ways to deal with a Commitment Phobia
  • Generally, people who fear commitment are the ones who love themselves way too much.
  • It is okay to give importance to your own feelings and emotions.
  • But overlooking what others feel every time is no self-love, its self-obsession.
  • In addition, Empathise with the people around you. And you will also notice what empathy has to offer you.
  1. Be Around Happy Couples

    Easy Ways to deal with a Commitment Phobia
  • Don’t be around the couples who are constantly in a tussle with each other.
  • Such kind of people will make you fear love and relationship even more.
  • And, be around those who are happy with their love life.
  • And, they will trigger the need of a partner in you and also develop an urge of falling in love in you.
  1. Self Analysis

    Easy Ways to deal with a Commitment Phobia
  • Get to know yourself better.
  • Find out what you really want in your life and who you want to be.
  • Do not change yourself just in order to please people. Also, Make up your mind what kind of person you really need in your life.
  1. Seek Some Help from a Friend

    Easy Ways to deal with a Commitment Phobia
  • Do not reach out an equally commitment- phobic
  • Share your concerns with a mature person, who won’t drag you into something not good for you.
  • Also, listen to their suggestions patiently. If you really have nice friends, they could even find the right person for you.

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