How to Use a Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

How to Use a Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

A spotting scope is an important piece of equipment for several hunters. While it comes in handy in identifying your target, results are best dependent on how you use it. Though they are used for shooting and other naturalist activities, they are very popular for shooting. While they come with different features and in different sizes, they are used in a similar manner.

Important factors to keep into consideration when looking to use a spotting scope so you remain comfortable as well as ensure that your experience is successful with better shooting. Here is how you do this.

How to Use a Spotting Scope for Shooting???

Find the right spotting scope for best performance:
How to Use a Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

The very first step is to find the right spotting scope to meet your needs and preferences. Not every spotting scope is ideal for target shooting. The best spotting scope for target shooting is one that fulfills your needs. To help answer this concern, it is best that you ask the following questions.

-What are you looking to hunt?

-What is the more likely environment to encounter? For example, it is best that you pick water proof spotting scope if you will be out very early because of the dew or when the weather is slightly wet

-Look at eye relief. Keep in mind that you will be viewing over long periods

-Consider a large objective lens considering that you will be outdoors

A comfortable position:
How to Use a Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

Positioning is very important as it eases the entire process. The very first step would be to identify a suitable and comfortable area. Keep in mind that you will be holding your spotting scope over longer periods. This is dependent on whether you will be sitting up or lying down. Comfort translates to a firm grip thus eliminating the possibility of shaking. Other than improving your accuracy, it also prevents body aches and pains. By simply placing your equipment, you will be able to determine what your spot has to offer.

Use your spotting scope with a tripod:
How to Use a Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

Hunters cannot do much if they do not have an accurate view of their target area. In this, stability is probably the most important aspect on using your spotting scope. Slight shake will probably lead to a miss on your target. Unlike using your hands where the probability of shaking and tiring fast is very high, a tripod comes in handy in ensuring that once you place your spotting scope in position, it remains until you change it. With this, you will rarely miss your targeted animal(s).

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Adjustable height for your tripod:

Nothing tires as adjusting your spotting scope by using your arm. You can imagine having to lower or go higher. The probability of missing your target is very high as it is time consuming. Invest in a good quality adjustable tripod to help quicken the process while at the same time retaining a focus.

Adjust the magnification levels as required:
How to Use a Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

Spotting scopes vary in what they have to offer. Every hunter needs to understand how to adjust the lens and magnification. This plays a key role in enhancing accuracy. Some models of spotting scopes require that you use a lens knob to help you zoom in and out of magnification. Other models come with a round trigger on the eyepiece point to meet a similar function. Always read the instructions before getting started and make adjustments just to confirm that you understand how the adjustments work.

Target area vs. magnification:

Once you understand how the magnification changes work, you can use it in the field to suit your target area. To ensure that you have the view right, start by viewing the target area then follows with the necessary magnification. The key objective is to create a focus on your target animal or view. Considering that, you have an idea of where to find it; a clear focus will help to sharpen your visibility. In this, visibility is enhanced after pointing in the right direction.

Change of area means change of focus:

It is advisable that you always reset the focus every time you change your area. This serves two purposes:

-It helps to retain your eye health by helping to control the magnification glass view especially if you have been watching over longer periods

-Enhance clarity

It is highly recommended that you avoid straining your eyes as well. To help prevent this, resetting your focus comes in handy.

Adjust it to suit shooting requirements:

Different spotting scopes feature different capabilities. In this, you have to identify one that will ease your experience as a hunter. To help narrow down your search as a hunter, these two types of spotting scopes you can embrace.

-Angles spotting scope come in handy when looking to share your target with other shooters and when looking for a target that is not in the same level as your view.

-A straight spotting scope comes in handy for long range shooting

Enhance your focus:

There are instances when you are looking for an animal that is amongst several others or when looking for one specific animal that is in a herd. Alternatively, you may be looking for a bird that is in open air. These two instances are very different and you will be looking for different points of focus to capture what you want and shoot. An animal in motion, one that is hiding amongst others, and one that is out in the open require different points of focus.

Avoid combining a spotting scope and binoculars:
How to Use a Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

Many think that a pair of binoculars will function just as a spotting scope. This is not true and when you try to incorporate both these equipment, you are likely to lose focus because their magnification and focus varies by a great deal especially for hunters. Stick to your spotting scope and in the event, you need better features, you can alwaysupgrade.

The above pointers will help you use your spotting scope for target shooting with better results and a pleasant experience. Pick the best spotting scope to suit your needs, invest in a quality tripod, and understand the features it offers to help you use your spotting scope at its best.

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