Sex Stages

Sex Stages in your Married Life

We all human being doing sex and we all know sex is an important activity in our life. For having sex both the partners are ready for doing it. Some of us do more sex while others are not. In a country like, India people do sex after marriage. In first few months of marriage ,we enjoy sex more and more. But after some months or years pass our sex graph is decrease. Dirty Talks is totally removed after few years of marriage. In some case couple is not more enjoy more sex after the honeymoon. So when a time passes away there is extreme change in our sex life also. Here we give the information about Sex Stages in Married Life. This will give you complete progress of Sex in our Marriage Life.So, let’s have a look…

Stages of Sex in your Married Life:

Honeymoon Sex:
Sex Stages

This is very first stage of Sex after marriage. In this stage couple enjoy sex more and more. This phase generally stay in first two years. In this Phase couple feel more enthusiasm, sex and closeness among their partner. This sex stage comes directly after marriage Honeymoon sex is very much beautiful and very good because couple like to live in four walls of a room. And also want to do bed breaking love.

Day and Night Sex:
Sex Stages

After honeymoon sex the day and night sex stage is comes. In this stage couple enjoy less sex than honeymoon stage. In this phase couple no more than a bed rocking relationships with their partner. So, this is the second stage of sex of your marriage life.

Coming Down Sex:
Sex Stages

In this stage your sex life graph ratio is constantly decrease. In this stage you have many responsibilities as well as you may like to have a sex but cannot crazily do it. Couple wants to watch the TV and do other things for amusement in this stage.Sex became a component of your work or daily activities. According to your time you do sex in day or night or once in a week.

Sex for conceiving baby:
Sex Stages

Couple do sex for conceiving baby in this stage. In this time both of you having more sex than above stage. In this stage you try many sex positions for conceiving baby faster. After woman getting pregnant she looks hotter and your partner sure that you looking sexy with your baby bump. In this stage you will like to do sex without any birth control.

Sex after Conceived Baby:
Sex Stages

After conceived baby sex life is became less among couples. After baby both of them especially woman give less time to her husband. Both of you focus on your baby and baby care rather than sex because your baby is too small. So in this sex phase both of you enjoy less sex compare to other stages.

Sex Start again:
Sex Stages

After your baby became big enough you spent time enough time with your partner. After your baby became big enough you send your kids to his/her grandparents and spent time with them. So in this way you enjoy sex just like before having babies.

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