Sage Benefits for health, hair and skin

Sage Benefits for health, hair and skin

Sage is also known as garden sage or common sage. Scientific name of sage is “Salvia officinalis” and also associated with rosemary. Sage and rosemary is also considered as “sister herbs”. Sage was generally used for snakebite treatment, protecting from evil, improve fertility in women and also uses which are no longer en vogue or relied on. There are lots Sage Benefits. But here we talk about Top 10 Benefits of sage. It is generally grows to foot or more height and also has greyish green lance shaped leaves with silvery bloom.

Types of Sage

  • Clary sage
  • Three lobed sage
  • Pineapple sage
  • Azure sage

Health Benefits of Sage leaves include better bone health, improve immune system, Proper digestion, improve brain function, Reduce chronic diseases, prevent skin condition, reduce depression, reduce asthma, improve dental health, good in diabetics and great for women health.

Benefits of Sage Herb for Health

Sage Benefits for Dental Health

Sage Benefits for health, hair and skin

Sage is very beneficial for gum issues, throat infection and cankers and it mostly used as an effective mouthwash. People who suffer from cankers they drink strong sage tea. You can also freeze sage into ice cubes and pop one of these cubes in mouth to cure cankers. It is one of the best Sage Benefits.

Reduce indigestion and dyspepsia

Sage Benefits for health, hair and skin

Sage can cure debility of stomach and also improve week digestion system, as it is best stimulants tonic. Sage contains carminative effects which can reduce the indigestion sign through stimulating upper digestive secretions, bile flow, intestinal mobility and also pancreatic function.

Good for Diabetes

Sage Benefits for health, hair and skin

As per the study Sage leaf help to reduce level of blood glucose through blocking release of stored glucose form liver. Sage is also help to reduce level of cholesterol and triglyceride in the patient of type 2 diabetics.

Good for bone health

Sage Benefits for health, hair and skin

It contain high amount of vitamin K. Vitamin K is very important for density of bone and also make sure bone integrity as age increase. People who suffer from the osteoporosis they use sage in their daily food because sage leave contain high amount of vitamin K.

Good for Asthma

Sage Benefits for health, hair and skin

Sages have anti spasmodic effects which can help to decrease the tension in smooth muscles. Sage also used for steam inhalation to reduce attack of asthma. This is very effective to remove mucous congestion in airways and also reduce secondary infection.

Health benefits of Sage for women

Sage Benefits for health, hair and skin

Sages contain astringent tannins. Also estrogenic effects of sage are very helpful for women who want to dry their breast milk supply. It is also beneficial for the women who relieve hot flushes at time of menopause.

Sage Benefits for hair

Darken hair color

Sage Benefits for health, hair and skin

Sufficient and proper use of sage leave can help to improve color of gray hair and also Brown and black hair colors become deeper. That’s way you use sage has darken and intensify your colors of hair.

Improve hair growth and prevent hair loss

Sage Benefits for health, hair and skin

It improves circulation to scalp and giving vital nutrition to hair follicles. As result it help to make your hair thicker, stronger and also shinier. You can Sage and rosemary mixture by boiling both into water. You can use this mixture for one week or one time in week for getting shiny and thicker hair. It also helps to remove dandruff and also clogged hair follicles.

Beauty Benefits of Sage

Best oily skin toner

Sage Benefits for health, hair and skin

Sage is best toner for the people who have oily skin. You can boil a spoonful of sage in approximately 250 ml water to make mixture homemade skin toner. Then steep it for 30 minutes and then strain the mixture. After cooling, you can apply this homemade oily skin toner on your face. This one of best Sage skin benefits for oily skin.

Cure different skin problem

Sage Benefits for health, hair and skin

Sages include great properties of antibacterial. These antibacterial properties help to treat skin infection, which occur. Sages also contain antiseptic and anti-inflammatory property that help to treat acne and also remove sign of eczema and psoriasis. It is one best Benefits of Sage for skin.

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