Fashion Tips for short Girl

Fashion Tips for short Girl 

There are some things that cannot be changed as much as you may want to. Your body shape for ex, if you’re 5’4” tall which by the fashion industry rule you’re considered petite. Sometimes being petite thinks like a serious obstruction to your fashion style particularly for the vertically challenged. So, try these Fabulous Fashion Tips for short Girl to help you appear longer and leaner.

As fashion style changes, so do a lot of old fashion rules. Today one most pivotal thing in fashion tread is to dress with style and more confidence in whatever the body shape and with any individual style you love to wear. Dressing as a short girl doesn’t should be complicated because there are several fashion tips to appear taller you may follow that emphasize your body. And, do not think like you have to be tall when you are not.  So, below are the some Fashion Tips for short Girl.

Find Best places to shop

Start making list of boutiques and retail stores that provide suitable pieces for your figure.

  • Talbots
  • The petite Shop
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Gap
  • White house black market
  • Old Navy
  • ASOS
  • Eddie Bauer

Fabulous Fashion Tips for short Girl:-

Get the right fit for short girl
Fashion Tips for short Girl

As with any wardrobe for all body shape, it is pivotal to have clothes that fit you right. Especially for petite figure, semi fitted or fitted clothing looks good than loose-fitting clothing or anything that is very tight.

  1. If you like a looser fit, describe your waist and include some shape with a belt.
  2. And, if your body is flatter, you have option for clothes, enhance your assets and probably and if it’s necessary – find clothes that give you the illusion of height.

If you want to go with ruffles, make sure everything well fit and preferably to choose mini outfits to emphasize your figure and with a skinny belt to define your natural waist.

Fashion Tips for short Girl
  1. Make a excellent balance with your outfits
  2. Do not hesitate to get your clothes refitted if they do not fit on your body well. If you insist on dressing with ruffles, pleats or layering, go easy on them.
  3. Make a good balance and try busy detailing with one tone colour with smaller outfit, less accessories and classic cutting.
  4. As for long coat, pay attention to the length of the coat, wear it opened- button or mid- knee length, above the knee length or miniskirt length.
Be Mindful of proportion

I truly believe you can wear almost anything. You can follow the two – thirds – one – third rule. Meaning is, be dressed in pants that cover the two thirds of the body and shirts that cover up one third. In order to achieve best proportioned clothing for your figure. You have to focus on to where things fall on the body and goes for them, the sleeves and the waistline of your outfits.

Dressing up according to your body type is the best Fashion Tips for short Girl. Sometimes, we feel good to break the rules and try some experiments on ourselves. Here are the Fashion Trends Short Girls should avoid.

Fashion Treads to avoid if you are Short Girl:
  1. Oversized Jeans

    Fashion Tips for short Girl

I believe that, they will do not good for those having a petite frame. They will make you a little shorter and baggier. You can go for boyfriend jeans with nude heels and also tight fitted tops.

  1. Tunics

    Fashion Tips for short Girl

Tunics are basically all things which are depends length of hips and a bit loose from the sides. Tunics are a just not for short girls but suitable for all girl. Pick up those tunics that end a little below the hips and wear them with the joggings and jeans.

  1. Oversized Layers

    Fashion Tips for short Girl

Your feet are tiny and these heels will make them look tinier. You will look like a haggard mess with shoes and wear the pointed toe shoes which will complement your look better.

  1. Mid Length Skirt

    Fashion Tips for short Girl

They have this thing in them to make the good looking legs likes shorter and if you want to wear skirts, go for the shorter versions.

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