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Top 10 most expansive Nail Polish Brands in the world

In the fishable world people often want good quality and standard products. There are various brands available of cosmetics. In new trade girls are very excited about good looks. And, not only care about their face but also very consult about every part of their body. So looking beautiful their hands they always want to use nail polish and make their fingernail beautiful and attractive. There are lots of various brands of Expansive Nail Polish available in the market. We often choose different colour and shiny and without shiny nail polish colour. A different brand introduces different types of nail polishes according to fashion and our needs. So I am going to share some top branded nail polish and their price so you can get clear idea of using them.

I want to discuss some most luxury Nail Polish Brands in the world. It is great and amazing facts to Know about them and use of them. We all have great amazing experience to use of such kinds of branded products.

World’s most expansive Nail Polish Brands


Most expensive nail polish

OPI stands for Odontorium Product Inc. is very popular and most good quality brand in the world. Most of the professionals are using products of this brand. The nail polish of this brand is very popular due to its smooth texture. It is also most expansive Nail Polish and available into high price to low price from $4 to $40.

China Glaze

Most expensive nail polish

Professionals are using this amazing brand. China Glaze has beautiful shades with smooth structure. They lunches new colours with new style and fashion. The best part is that they advertise new colour in newspaper and magazines. Glitter also available in few nail polish of this most expansive Nail Polish brand. The worth of this brand nail polish is $3 to $25.


Most expensive nail polish

I want to discuss about nice brand Revlon it is such a fantastic brand. It is very affordable brand and its products are very good and famous. Most of people prefer this brand for its nail polish and various personal care products introduce some nail polish colour’s name like strength and sun candy. It is pocket budget brand and price ranges from $3 to $25.Likewise, It is very well known and best nail polish brand in the world.


Most expensive nail polish

Essie is one of the very popular brands for nail polish. It gives very elegant and smooth look to your nails. There is most wonderful formula occur so the nail colour stays long time on your nails. There are various varieties of colours available and the cost is $3 to $35. So we can say that this is the world’s fabulous nail police brand.

L’Oreal Pairs

Most expensive nail polish

L’Oreal Pairs is the top brand and very popular for its cosmetic products. Moreover, this is the best known for its nail polish product. Nail polish of this brand gives elegant look and shine to your nails. The worth of this brand nail polish is from $3 to $20.This is the best nail polish among Top most expansive Nail polish brands in the world.

Sally Hansen

Most expensive nail polish

Sally Hansen is high ranking brand in the world due to their unique formula of using in this product. This is the first brand which introduces and manufacture the nail polish for the purpose of protects our nails. Sally Hansen nail polish is the best to make strong our nails. In addition, also give the stylish and good design on our nails. The price ranges of this marvellous nail polish from $5 to $15.


Most expensive nail polish

CND is the best brand for the professional users. Moreover, it is an international brand. Fingernails look very attractive and nice. It is very long lasting due to latest technology uses in manufacturing this nail police. Approximately it can be on our nails about one week without any damage.  The Cost ranges of this marvellous nail polish from $6 to $15.


Most expensive nail polish

Nars is such very stylish and prettiest brand, most probably for nail polish and also for lipsticks. Nail polish is very important to our nails of fingerers. Nars brand offer good quantity with high quality also. Different nail colours come with shine and without shine in the stylish bottle and nail brush also in it. The Cost ranges of this most expansive Nail Polish are same for all nail polish of this brand from $12 to $32.


Most expensive nail polish

RGB is most popular brand and it has many other good cosmetics also. The nail polish of this brand is excellent. We can see the natural effect on our nails after using this nail polish. There are lots of colours available and we can choose according to our choice. The Cost ranges of this most expansive Nail Polish from $12 to $32. Really, this is one of the Most Awesome nail polish brand in the world.

Bobby Brown

Most expensive nail polish

Bobby Brown is the most famous and very expensive nail polish brand. In the world of cosmetics this is the miracle brand and very fabulous for the nail colour. Everyone wants to look pretty with their nails so this is very beautiful and also attractive for them. This nail polish has good features like dries quickly and long lasting so it is very easy to use. The Cost ranges of this marvellous nail polish from $15 to $35. It is very costly but good to use.

These Top 10 Most Costly nail Polish brands in the world are given us very relevance and Useful information. This is information regarding latest nail Polish brands and its cost. So you can know about best nail polish brands and their uses and how to make your fingernail beautiful and more attractive.

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