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Zika Virus Infection Transmitted by Sex  

Zika Virus Infection Transmitted by Sex: Zika virus is a mosquitoborne arbovirus in the family Flaviviridae, genus Flavivirus.  Zika virus infection is transmitted to persons mainly through the bites of an infected mosquito from the Aedes genus, usually Aedes aegypti in tropical regions. But, there have been many cases of Zika virus being transmitted during sex by men infected with Zika to their partners.

Zika Virus Infection Transmitted by Sex

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said, “Florida has become the first state in nation to have local transmission of the Zika”. The Florida health department said all of the persons infected are related through a neighbhorhood called Wynwood, an entertainment district just north of downtown Miami.

As some more local cases are declared in Florida, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirm that Zika is a Sexually Transmitted Infection from men or women.

Zika Virus Infection Transmitted by Sex

There are 14 cases of locally transmitted Zika in the Miami, Florida, the first local outbreak of the virus in mainland America. The news confirms what public health experts have been predicting for months – At same point this summer in the US, Zika virus would stop to be only a significances disease & become a locally transmitted one.

But reaction to the Miami, Florida discoveries, there are 14 cases of transmitted Zika. The CDC has confirmed that Zika is effectively Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Zika virus can be passed in bodily fluids between one man & another, between a man & a woman and also from a woman to a man.  They assume it may be transmitted between female partners also. Up to now, in the continental US, fifteen cases of Zika virus are verified to have been transmitted by sexual contact. That’s out of 1657 cases of infection.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated advice, a result of the discovery 2 weeks ago that a woman in New York city passed Zika virus to a man she had sex with, expands recommendation the agency earlier gave about protecting pregnant women. Now it said that, Men and women who want to prevention of sexually transmitted Zika virus should use barrier methods against infection every time & correctly during sex or abstain from sex when one sex partner has travelled to or lives in an area with active Zika transmission.

The point of the new suggestion is twofold include to protect pregnant women or ones about to become pregnant  from risking a devastating birth defect, as well as to slow down to the transmission of zika virus from infected travellers into the rest of the population.

John Brooks, a physician of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Zika response, said that the organization had been expecting to add sexual transmission of Zika Virus to the ways the illness can be passed. It has been reported in 10 other countries. And in the US, the known 1st case of sexual transmission was in 2008.

John Brooks said that, until the giant South American outbreak begin, Zkia virus under researched, and that was true for Zika Virus Infection Transmitted by Sex.  Zika can persevere in some bodily fluids longer than it does in the bloodstream that is where mosquitoes pick it up.  Few studies have found viral persistence in urine & saliva up to 21 days and a latest study revealed the Zika virus remains in cervical mucus also.

The major risk appears to be semen: Studies have found molecular traces of the Zika virus, though not necessarily infectiousness for as long as 93 days. However, the science that can determine how long that transmission risk lasts and whether it’s the same for persons with no signs.

The season for the mosquito species that transmit Zika virus has begun, but there is no season for sex. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approximates that 40 million persons travel to the US in a year from the Zika virus infection affected zones. Doing some back of envelope calculations, only a certain percentage of travellers will be infected, a certain percentage of those will have signs; only few of those will have sex while in the Unites States.

John Brooks said that, if sexual transmission were as vital in spreading the Zika virus as mosquitoes, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes more cases should have shown up by now. Alternatively, that would necessitate an alert doctor to notice the signs of red eyes, rash and fever.

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