Work Related Stress effects on your health and life

Work Related Stress effects on your health and life

Does stress at work impact one’s daily life? Here is information about how work related stress can affect all aspects of an individual’s life, be it at home or within the society at large. Many of use are are experiencing work related stress. So here guide which help in recognizing and dealing with work related anxieties.

Unfortunately, work related stress does not stay only at the workplace; it can manifest itself in various emotional and physical health disorders. It can also rapidly alter one’s behaviour in the office and at home. Some of the more obvious physical symptoms of stress include: decreased immunity leading to recurrent health problems, increased susceptibility to infections, migraines, muscular spasms and tensions, aches in the lower back and neck, city, sleeping disorders, metabolic disorders, increased heart rate, constant sweating, lowered libido, skin rashes, blurry eyesight and others

Work Related Stress effects on your life

Work Related Stress effects on your health and life

Everyone may also experience behavioural and emotional alterations. Those alterations includes: unable to cope with life, increasing anger and rage, emotional eating, constantly feeling tearful, losing appetite, drinking caffeine or smoking throughout the day, lack of concentration, unable to get work done, poor relationships with peers and colleagues, lack of motivation and dedication towards work etc. amidst others.

Know about common factors causing stress is very important, so that specific steps can be taken to cut down the levels of stress wherever applicable. Some common elements that contribute to work related stress include:

Common causes of work related stress

Work Related Stress effects on your health and life
  • Inordinate amount of work and impractical deadlines
  • Unreasonable or uncompromising working hours
  • Unable to control certain aspects of work-related activities
  • Not enough experience, training or support received for a particular assignment
  • Insecurities regarding settling into a new role, possibly after a move-up or transfer
  • Bossing around or mistreatment
  • A ‘finding fault culture’ in the office when everything goes awry
  • Scepticism about the company’s prospects
  • Inhospitable working conditions
  • chaos about functions and obligations
  • Uneasy relationships in the office
  • Take numerous breaks from work

If you recognize any of the above elements, then it is highly possible that you would be getting stressed out by them. What then should be the next step to ensure that the strain in your work life is not leading to further problems?

You must recognize that it is not entirely possible to run away from work pressures. An environment of office is filled with some sort of pressure, at some time or the other. So handling & coping with stress is a key element to manage the pressures that you face every day.

Seeking assistance can be a practical solution in dealing with stress in the workplace. But sometimes speaking to another colleague or discussing issues with your human resource executive or your employer can go a long way in dealing with problem.

How to Reduce work related stress

Work Related Stress effects on your health and life

Take part in extracurricular activities outside of work to unwind and de-stress completely. By being socially active and engaging in activities such as meeting your friends and people outside work can help in taking your mind away from work anxieties. If you tend to mix with your colleagues even after work hours, you will realise that work is always on your mind and hence it is important that you socialise with a wide variety of people.

Getting exercise is not only helpful in reducing stress levels. It is also an excellent way of leaving behind work worries. It is also great to triggering specific brain chemicals that can help in improving your mood. Exercising will help you to feel happy,fit and healthy. However it also help to get rid of the damaging chemicals that are released in your body when you get stressed.

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