Underwater Traffic Tunnel

Underwater Traffic Tunnel to be built by Norway

If we can build sky-high super highways, so why it’s impossible to make underwater traffic tunnel? Norway proves that nothing to impossible in this world. Yes! It’s really true. Norway Plan to make Underwater Traffic Tunnel.

Norwegian engineers have proposed a truly innovative solution to a travel difficulty faced by the pictures country.
Norway has hatched ambitious plans to install the world’s first floating underwater tunnels to help travellers easily 21-hour drive from one end of the country cross the nation’s many fjords. Fjords mean “deep, narrow and elongated sea or lake drain with steep land on three sides”. At Now the only way to travel across the bodies of water involves taking a series of ferries- an inconvenient and time-consuming process. An Unconventional and first of its kind of transportation infrastructure could be the answer to travelling across fjord- ridden Norway.

The Underwater Traffic Tunnel from Kristiansand to Trondheim via the E39 and it’s in the form to submerged floating tunnel.

The proposed tunnel consists of 4000 foot long concrete tubes that can hold two lanes of traffic. This Underwater Traffic Tunnel will be suspended less than 100 feet of water, placing them far below the water affected by ships. The highway takes drivers on a 1100km journey but given the unique landscape of the Nordic country it involves seven ferry trips to complete the drive.

The $25 billion tunnel project could cut the trip time to just 10 hours by 2035.

The first-of-its kind structure will be made up of two 1200 meter (4000ft) curved concrete tubes, floating up to 30 meters below the surface. The tube will be supported by pontoons on the surface and kept stable with connecting trusses. The structure is officially called a submerged floating tube-bridge but is also known as an Archimedes Bridge.

Underwater Traffic Tunnel

On the surface, there would be wide gaps between the pontoons to allow ferries to pass through.

The Underwater Traffic Tunnel will also be designed to with stand any tidal movements and the effects of ice and cold weather. So there will be no problem using these even during the coldest weather and during storms.

The floating underwater tunnels will allow boats to still traverse the fjord without the worry about hitting or being blocked by a bridge.

You can also watch the video of Underwater Traffic Tunnel given as below:


But there’s still a long way to before floating Underwater Traffic Tunnel become reality. Engineers have several questions to answer, including how wind, waves and currents will affect the structures. If the tunnels prove too difficult, inhabitant reported, politicians have the right to send the funding to another project.

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