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Makeup Tips during Monsoon

The rains are above our heads, and as much as we love them, we cannot ignore the problems they bring along.  Monsoon or rainy season delights us as the weather becomes very smoothing and cool. The rainy season also gives relief from hot summers. But do you know that in this weather our makeup has to be a bit different. In the Monsoon time keeping your makeup smudge proof is a challenge for all women. Some of us go no-makeup during the monsoon to avoid the monsoon makeup nightmares. Here, we give some beauty tips for a long sweat-free look. Let’s see Top 10 Makeup Tips during monsoon.

Top 10 Makeup Tips during Monsoon: 

  1. Prep up your Face

    Makeup Tips

If you want that your makeup to stay on for long time on your face, then you would better spend some time prepping your face! Wash your face thoroughly and then rub an ice cube all over your face for about 5-10 minutes. Doing this lowers the risk of sweating from moisture and also helps the make-up stay on for longer.So this very important Makeup Tips during monsoon.

  1. Get the First Step Perfect – Use Primer

    Makeup Tips

During Rainy season, the first thing to do before you even start applying your makeup is to keep the foundation as far away as possible and trust in your primer. Always apply the primer after applying your moisturizer. Primer act as the best base for your makeup since it acts as a shield against water and sun and it prevents the smudging of anything that you apply on top of it. Primers make your makeup long lasting.

  1. Don’t use Crème Bronzer – Use Matte Bronzer

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Don’t use crème bronzer during the monsoon. Avoid makeup Products that have glitter in them. Pick up the natural shades of eye shadow, blush and lipsticks. The colours should reflect healthy skin and very useful Makeup Tips for monsoon.

  1. Don’t Use Eyebrow Pencils

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Everyone loves shapely and sharp eyebrows, but for obvious reasons, the monsoon is not the time you would want to invest in eyebrow pencils. The best thing to do is keeping the tweezers handy and using hair gel with a brow brush to keep them in shape. It’s look beautiful.

  1. Go with Waterproof Mascara

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Picking waterproof mascara and liner during the monsoon is pretty obvious, but their heavy chemical content can damage the skin and lashes irrevocably. It does not mean you don’t use waterproof makeup; you just have to use it smartly.This Makeup Tips is very useful during rainy seasons.

  1. Use Powder Blush

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During Monsoon season, chose the powder Blush instead of cream ones. Same as use powder eye shadows instead of cream ones. Powder makeup products are longer lasting than the cream ones. Use Products which give a natural hint of colour to your face.

  1. Go easy on the Blusher

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The Blusher is an essential that we women can’t go without, but monsoons are when you need to use it moderately. Make sure you’re picking natural shades because as we already know, blushers look best when nobody can tell you’re wearing it. Try using cream blushers since they’re water resistant. Also, apply it on the cheekbones and then spread it towards the outside with the brush so that it spreads out evenly on your face.

  1. Say goodbye Glossy lips & say hi Matte Lips sticks!

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You use lip gloss, chap sticks and lip balms for your lovely lips but monsoon are the time to keep them stored somewhere safe. So, it’s time to go matte with shades like deep red, subtle orange, and dark pink so that your lips can be that pop of colour in the otherwise colourless weather.This is one of the best makeup tips during Monsoon.

  1. Outline your Lips

    Makeup Tips

During Monsoon you should adopt this habit of outlining your lips before applying your lipstick. Humidity can lead to bleeding of lipstick. Use Matte lipstick instead of crème ones.

  1. Seal Your Face Look!

    Makeup Tips

At last, but not the list use makeup setting spray on top your makeup so that your look is sealed and stays safe from all the rain water in the world.

Let’s see the video and get some idea for Monsoon Time Makeup!!!!

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