Greenland Shark

Greenland Shark the Longest living Animal

We heard about shark and we all know shark is very dangerous animal. But do you know the Greenland shark is longest living animal on the earth. The Greenland shark is the longest-lived vertebrate on the earth. It has an average life probability of 272 years. The joys of a long life are surely countless but there is one small problem. These sharks do not achieve sexual maturity until 150 or so. Researcher used radiocarbon dating to decide the ages of 28 of animals and estimated that one of the female was about 400 years old. The strange Greenland shark which is more than 5 meters long and an age of this shark is 400 years. The researcher can found this shark at depths of more than 1200 meters and this shark is rare to see.

Greenland Shark

The Greenland Shark’s diet consists of fish and crustaceans and mammals like, seals. And they can sometimes be found off Scotland in the North Sex and part of English Channel. For many years there has been rumour about the lifetime of the somewhat blind species of shark.  Now researchers think they have finally solved this mystery.

Shark age can be generally measured in a method akin to using tree rings to age a tree and using the growth of hard cartlage. The Greenland Shark have very soft cartilage. It has no hard body parts where growth layer are deposited. So the Scientists team of Oxford University, the University of Tromso in Norway and Aarhus University in Denmark looked at the eye lenses of 28 female sharks by examine fish stocks off Greenland.

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The researchers used a radiocarbon dating technique previously used to examine the age of whales for the 1st time on a fish. After that they studying on sharks and ranging in length from less than one meter and more than 5 meters. Because radiocarbon dating does not produce exact date and they believe that she could have been as young as 272 or as old as 512 years. But she was most likely somewhere in middle so about 400 years old. It means that this Greenland shark was born between the years of 1501 and 1744 but her most likely date of birth was in the 17th Century.

We already told that it is quite rare that you see sexually mature female.Because  of these they are not give birth to new ones.

The study recommends that the Greenland shark better than the other species well known for its long life like, turtles, tortoises and some whales. The only creature believed to live longer is the ocean quahog which is a type of edible clam. It has a life expectation of 507 years.

Julius Nilsen from The University of Copenhagen and Greenland Institute of Natural Resources led this research. The Greenland sharks are among the largest carnivorous shark on the earth. Shark role as a top killer in the Arctic ecosystem is totally ignored.

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