China built Longest and Highest Glass Bottom Bridge

China built Longest and Highest Glass Bottom Bridge

We all know there are many longest and Highest Bridges in the world. But today we talk about very innovative Bridge which is made by Glass. Yes, it is true. China constructed this Glass Bottom Bridge and this bridge is one of the World’s Longest and highest glass Bottom Bridge.So, now a terrifying wooden bridge is replaced by a glass in China. This Bridge is finally opened in Tianmenshan National Forest Park on Saturday.

The Glass bottom bridge covers a quarter mile across the Zhangjiajie Canyon in Central China’s Human region. This bridge spans 300m and it is 180m above ground. The floor is made with double-layered glass that is 24mm and the glass is 25 times stronger than regular window glass.

China built Longest and Highest Glass Bottom Bridge

This bridge had previously been made of wood, linking the two Peak of Stone Buddha Mountain, but 11 engineers working 12 hours a day and converted this bridge into glass. Before you were considered brave if you fortify yourself to cross the wooden walkway. So, thanks to this glass Bottom Bridge or Hero Bridge you can easily cross the bridge.

The glass bottom bridge gives you to enjoy a panoramic view of the stunning Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. This bridge will not only provide as a walkway but visitor can go bungee jumping and zip-lining off of it as well.

  • Length: 430 meters (1410 feet)
  • Width: 6 meters (20 feet)
  • Height: 300 meters (984 feet)
  • Highlights: Bungee jump and beautiful natural views of towering sandstone pillars
  • Ticket: The ticket for Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon scenic Area is 118 Yuan and the price for Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is 138 Yuan.

Finally the bridge is open on 20th August 2016.But due its trial operation not more than 8000 visitor get chance to walk on the bridge. Visitor can buy the tickets only by reservation. There are limited numbers of tickets so; you must book a ticket through a travel agency at least before 10 days.

China built Longest and Highest Glass Bottom Bridge

You should keep below things in mind while visit the Glass bottom Bridge:

  • The glass bridge is likely to close in severe weather.
  • Only 600 people are allowed at a time on the bridge.
  • Visitors can only bring wallets and mobiles with suitable cases on the bridge.
  • Visitors who have heart problems, High BP (Blood Pressure) or fear of height do not try visiting this bridge.
  • Don’t behave dangerously or don’t run on the bridge, lean over the pain, etc.

You can also watch the video of China’s Longest and Highest Glass Bottom Bridge and which is given as below:

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