Foods to improve Hypothyroidism

Foods to improve Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is also called underactive thyroid or low thyroid. It is a health condition that usually affects women in their 40s and 50s.  An Underactive thyroid occurs when thyroid gland isn’t able to make sufficient hormones to keep the body running normally.  The thyroid produces hormones that regulate mood, energy levels, metabolism, blood pressure, body temperature and also heart rate. Hyperthyroidism can decrease your metabolism, making weight management and weight loss difficult without a healthy dietary lifestyle. Additionally to improving your metabolism, there are many Foods to improve Hypothyroidism including salmon, nuts, whole grains, kidney beans and eggs.  When consumed these foods on a daily basis, they may prevent underactive thyroid symptoms.

Some symptoms of hyperthyroidism include constipation, fatigue, muscle aches, sudden weight gain, dry skin, and high blood cholesterol, thinning hair, inability to lose weight, increased sensitivity to cold, hoarseness, impaired memory and puffy face.  To prevent your underactive thyroid, medications are required. Along with taking the thyroid medication, you can also boost thyroid function with a balanced diet that includes lots of produce and protein as well as other healthy foods. So, here we provide the Top 10 Foods to improve an Underactive Thyroid.

Top 10 Foods to improve Hypothyroidism

Whole Grains:

Foods to improve Hypothyroidism

One of the Best Foods to improve Hypothyroidism are whole grains.  Whole grains such as oatmeal, brown rice, barley, bread are rich in nutrients and vitamin B that improve your metabolism. That in turn rouses the thyroid glands to secrete thyroid hormone.  Whole grains are an essential food for persons suffering from hypothyroidism.


Foods to improve Hypothyroidism

Salmon is one of the best fish that you can consume for your metabolism and thyroid health. It is high in omega 3 fatty acids.  The omega 3 fatty acids can useful as a neuro protective agent against cognitive impairment due to an underactive thyroid. Also, these fatty acids increase the functioning of immune system and eases inflammation.


Foods to improve Hypothyroidism

Another Best Foods for Hypothyroidism are nuts.  Nuts such as Brazil nuts, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts are rich in selenium that helps the thyroid function properly. With Brazil nuts, you only need to consume 1 or 2 and with other nuts, a small handful is sufficient to get your everyday nutrients.


Foods to improve Hypothyroidism

Seaweed contain high amounts of iodine, is an important nutrient for thyroid function. An insufficient levels of iodine in your body slowdowns the production of metabolism regulating thyroid hormones.  Seaweed can be used in soups, salads and sushi. It is also packed with fiber, protein, calcium and vitamins A, B, C, E and K.

Coconut Oil:Foods to improve Hypothyroidism

The coconut oil contains vital fatty acids that helps quickly converted into emery and this normalizes the thyroid function.  It also stimulates thyroid hormone production. In addition, coconut oil promotes weight loss and decrease cholesterol levels. You can consume one to two tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil everyday by including it to your smoothie, milk or tea.

Kidney Beans:

Foods to improve Hypothyroidism

Kidney beans are one of the best Foods to improve Hypothyroidism. Consuming beans, mainly kidney beans can help improve your thyroid function. It contain an excellent amount of the mineral iodine along with necessary nutrients like copper, calcium, folate, protein and potassium that facilitate maintain thyroid health and also promote hormone production.

Eggs:Foods to improve Hypothyroidism

Other Foods to improve Hypothyroidism are eggs. Eggs are good source of iodine, selenium and tyrosine that helps the thyroid function properly. It’s also an excellent source of protein. Without enough protein, the thyroid can’t function properly. You can eat one to two eggs every day.


Foods to improve Hypothyroidism

Yogurt is also one of the Best Foods to eat for your Thyroid. It is high in vitamin D. Deficiency of vitamin D is connected to Hashimoto’s disease, one of the common hypothyroidism causes. Yogurt also contains essential amounts of protein, iodine and calcium that are vital for thyroid health.

Foods to improve Hypothyroidism

Oysters contain good sources of zinc and mineral, which is required for healthy thyroid function. In addition, Zinc helps the conversion of T4 to T3 in persons with low T3 and leads to normalization of THS levels. It’s also high in vitamin D. Persons with hypothyroidism have found to have low vitamin D. It is also one of the best Foods to improve Hypothyroidism.

Fresh vegetables and fruits:

Foods to improve Hypothyroidism

Persons suffering from hypothyroidism must include an excellent amount of vegetables and fruits in their regular diet. As vegetable and fruits are high in fiber, they aid in providing relief to digestive problem and constipation. Our digestive system gets affected by an underactive thyroid.  Vegetables like cabbage, sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli and also other green leafy vegetables. Fruits like blueberries, cherries, kiwi and red plum must include in your diet.

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