Pubic Hair

Interesting Facts about your Pubic Hair

Public Hair is body hair found in the genital area of teenager and adult human being. The public hair is located on and around sex organs, the crotch and sometimes at the top of thighs. We all wax our pubic hair. Now a days shaving, waxing, lasering is most famous things among younger as well as adult. Many of us go to parlour for waxing and shaving. We all know skin is very delicate part of body. If we are not careful about it then we may put ourselves in risk for bacterial infections, chronic burning and itching. So some of us avoid removing hair.

Shaving pubic hair has been very famous topic right now. There are many options like, hair removal creams, razor to keep your bush clean other than waxing your pubic hair. But do you think do we wax our pubic hair? Some of us even do not know the facts about pubic hair. So here we give the information about the Facts about your Pubic Hair and Should we waxing it or not? So lets’ have a look…

How to trim your pubic hair:

Before you trim your pubic hair you must know how to shave your pubic hair. Below are some steps for waxing your pubic hair. So let’s try it…

  • Trim dry, shave wet:

If you want to cut/trim your hair then it waits until your hair is completely dry. After dry your hair you can trim and it is easy to manage. And if you are shave your hair then take bath or shower for 10 to 15 minutes and then shave. Due to this the chances of irritation is less.

  • Clean up:

Before trimming or shaving you must wash your pubic area with shop or bodywash.Dur to this the chances of worsen infection is less.

  • Find a good set of clipper:

The tools that you use for waxing or trimming your pubic hair smashes the experience. Do not use regular sized scissors and try these options instead. Keep in mind whatever you choose try to set that tool aside for only pubic hair preservation to cut down on potential infections. You can use the nail scissors, a small goatee, ear or nose hair trimmer or embroidery scissors.

  • Use a sharp razor:

A new disposable razor is best. A dull razor will encourage itchy red bumps. If your pubic hair is long then trim earlier. Consider shaving with the direction of the hair instead of against it, though it takes longer and less chances of infections. Use a gentle shaving cream or gel.

  • Time in a place that is easy to clean:

Stand in the shower or sit over the toilet. That way clean-up simply consist of running the faucet or flushing.

  • Get a hand mirror or a compact to check your pubic area:

It is hard to guess progress you can’t see. So take a small mirror with you to check up on how things are going.

Before you remove your pubic hair you must know these Facts or Reasons why you don’t remove your pubic hair???:

Pubic Hair
  • Pubic hair is not meant to be removed. It’s just like a cushion which keeps your delicate genitals especially during careful sex.
  • Pubic hair consists of natural oils which keep your vaginal lubricates.
  • It acts as a barrier against fungal infections and yeast infections.
  • According study shaving your pubic hair can be harmful and can be harmful and can possibly result in herpes.
  • Hair removal can result in swelling in the area.
  • If we waxing pubic hair then skin is uncovered the risk of STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) is high.
  • Pubic hair really protects you.
  • Pubic hair helps to maintain your body temperature.
  • If you remove your pubic hair then you can have risk of viral skin infection.
  • If a woman who regularly shaving the pubic hair can result in shapeless labia.
  • Removing pubic hair naturally can irritate and inflame the sensitive skin and the hair follicle can result into development of pus or infection.
  • The common problems when you shave your pubic hair the chances of blisters or pimples on the skin.
  • Some of us think that completely getting rid of the pubic hair has an undertone of paedophilia due to the hairless or bald look.
  • If you wax your pubic hair, trim the area to a minimum. You can also trim the ‘love garden’ in trendy designs.

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