Breastfeeding Myths

Most Common Breastfeeding Myths

Breastfeeding is also called nursing and it means feeding of babies and young children with milk from a women’s breast. Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed your infant. Breast feeding is the best source of food for the first six months of your infant’s life. Breast milk gives the ideal nutrition for infants. It has a nearly ideal mix of protein, fat and vitamins everything your baby needs to develop. The Health Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom and Baby is numerous. Though there are many benefits of Breastfeeding some women have many Breastfeeding Myths.Breastfeeding works as a nutritious diet for newborn baby. Besides, it also plays an important role in promoting the mother’s health by waving off stress as well as promoting relaxation.

Though there are many benefits of Breastfeeding but few women have some misconception about Breastfeeding. Generally most of the India Women are not know what they want to do.So remove this Misconception about Breastfeeding from your mind.Here we give the Breastfeeding Myths.So, let’s have a look…

Top 11 Breastfeeding Myths:

Breastfeeding will come naturally:
Breastfeeding Myths

We all know breastfeeding is natural and normal but it doesn’t mean it is easy. Yes it is easy for some new moms. But the concept of that for most women it is completing perfect process with no learning curve is just clear wrong. So do you feel it is not easy for you then do not worry? There is solution to get support group or lactation consultant. So, it is big Breastfeeding Myths.

Drink Milk to make Milk:
Breastfeeding Myths

This is very Common Breastfeeding Myths. Some of us don’t like milk taste and they don’t drink milk but still they able to do breastfeed. It is not necessary to drink milk in order to make it. There are many options to make milk like, healthy diet with full of a variety of foods.So, use this option and remove this myth from your mind.

Avoid Spicy foods during Breastfeeding:
Breastfeeding Myths

Yes, this is true but it is only during the 1st 40 days after delivery. So avoid the spicy food in first 40 days because it causes constipation. But after 1 and ½ month mother can eat anything she wants. So, remove this Breastfeeding Myths and eat anything after 40 days of your delivery.

Maintain a perfect diet:
Breastfeeding Myths

This is one of the very famous Breastfeeding Myths. Milk quality is not depending on what mother eats. But if the mother is not eating perfectly then the quality of milk can be affected. Mother with no perfect diet will also make quality breast milk. The concentrations of the main components of breast milk like, lactose, protein and fat are not influenced by a mother’s diet. Some minerals and vitamins are subjective by a mother’s diet.

Don’t drink cold beverage:
Breastfeeding Myths

Drinking cold beverage can cause infection to the child and it is Breastfeeding Myths. There is no problem for a mother to drink the cold beverage. Cold beverages do not affect on baby’s health. Viral infection does not spread to baby via breast milk. In fact, when a mother suffering from cold, her body make antibodies which are passed out through breast milk.Thiis protects the baby.

Breastfeeding makes your breasts sag:
Breastfeeding Myths

When you are feeding, your breasts will be plumper. So once you stop your breasts will reduce and may look shapeless for a while. But over a time our body regularly changing size. That’s why people who lose lots of weight look great rather than all creased.So, you don’t blame on breastfeeding for your breast sag and do not stop feeding your baby.

Breast milk should not be refrigerated:
Breastfeeding Myths

This is one of the very common Breastfeeding Myths. Working mothers can refrigerate their milk and use it for five days. However, if it is kept at room temperature, it shouldn’t be feed after 4 hour.

Breastfeeding is painful:
Breastfeeding Myths

In the early weeks, many mothers feel nipple pain that ceases after first attachment. Pain that lasts beyond this point or nipple damage is usually indicative of suboptimal positioning and attachment. Getting help from a lactation consultant can help improve this.

You can’t get Pregnant while breastfeeding:
Breastfeeding Myths

Yes, it is true that Breastfeeding prevent ovulation in some case women. But it is not use as a birth control. So, talk to your doctor about an acceptable form of contraception. So, avoid estrogens-containing birth control pills. This is one of Breastfeeding Myths.

Sexual arousal while breastfeeding is abnormal:
Breastfeeding Myths

Many women experience sexual arousal while breastfeeding. Breast stimulation is an important aspect of sexual activity. So, it stands to reasons that breastfeeding can also arouse sexual feeling. It released oxytocin which is also released during orgasm.

Small breast do not produce as much milk as large ones:
Breastfeeding Myths

This is one common Breastfeeding Myths. Breast size has nothing do with the amount of milk they produce.

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