Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

Pregnancy Sex Positions

We all know sex is common activity all human being is doing in their life. And of course pregnancy is golden period of every woman. Pregnancy is time during which one or more children develop inside a woman. Pregnancy is occurs by sexual intercourse. We any woman became pregnant there are many thing running in her mind. One of that is Pregnancy Sex.Most of us believe that Sex during Pregnancy is not safe. So is it safe or not? This question is arising in everyone’s mind. So the answer is yes. You can do sex in pregnancy but you can take care while sex and use proper sex position during sex.So which sex position is best for pregnant women.?So here we give the information about Best pregnancy sex position. These positions may help you need to be little more imaginative to find sexual positions which are more comfortable. So let’s have a look…

The Best Pregnancy Sex Positions:


Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

The spoons position or spooning is a form of a rear-entry position. This sex position is comfortable while having sex during pregnancy. This position is very similar to doggy style position. It is more of 2 in 1 position because it includes both hug and dispersion. This is Great Pregnancy Sex Positions because it requires little efforts. This is particularly good for the late stage of pregnancy. So pop a pillow under your bump for extra support.

Woman on Top:

Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

This is a great sex position for Pregnant woman .According to name in this position the women is top on the men. This Sex Positions is helpful to you when you are in driver’s seat. This Pregnancy Sex Positions is very good because you can set the rate while your partner enjoys the view. It is also help for those women whose nipples are more sensitive during pregnancy. This position is difficult in the 3rd trimester.

Doggy Style:

Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

This is very famous Pregnancy Sex Positions .We all are human being though we sometimes follow Doggy Style sex postion.This Sex Positions is not very popular among couple and not everyone’s cup of tea. In this position a person generally woman bend over, crouches on legs and hands for sexual intercourse. This position is very good for pregnant woman because this is great for taking the pressure off your back and pelvis and is good if you have back pain or pelvic pain. If you feeling less energetic than relax on cushions and pillows and just enjoy the experience. For better comfortableness you can put pillow between your bottom and his lower tummy to prevent him pushing too far inside you.


Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

This is best sex positions of pregnant women in first trimester and second trimester. In this position woman lying face to face can feel really close and warm. You can kiss, cuddle and maintain eye contact during this sex position. You can use a cushion under your bump to help support it during sex.This is also very good for sex position for pregnant woman.

Edge of bed:

Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

This is perfect sex position during pregnancy. In this position you shift your bottom side or foot of the bed and lie back with your knees bent. You can wrap your legs around your partner’s waist, bringing him in controlling his thrusts and how deep he goes. If you feel faint lying flat, use a few pillows behind your upper back and head to prop yourself up.

Reverse cowgirl:

Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

This position is like by all, but it is also great Pregnancy Sex Positions. In this position your partner lies flat on the bed with his legs hanging over the edge. You climb on top of him but face away from him and lean forward with your slightly and let him enter you. It is a fun, feel-good position for you both. You can get yourself comfortable and control the pace. It makes your backside look wonderful.

From behind:

Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

This position usually involves shallower penetration than a face to face position, but tolerate in the mind you cannot control the movement as much, especially as your bump grow bigger it will be heavier. You can relax yourself on pillows or try on your hands and knees at the edge of the bed with your partner standing behind you. You can also lower yourself onto forearms. This best Pregnancy Sex Positions.

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